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If you are in Ottawa, you may or may not be aware of the potential for having trenchless sewer line repair options in your area. In fact, this type of repair service is little known but one of the most efficient ways of pipe repair offered today. This is true of both commercial and residential locations; the service offers some of the most effective, powerful, and proficient solutions to pipe repair when compared to former or traditional methods of pipe repair.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Benefits

Two methods of trenchless sewer line repair

Method One: Pipe Lining

Cured in-place pipes or CIPP is one method of trenchless pipe repair. This practice calls for the insertion of a flexible tube that is resin coated into the interior of existing pipe that is already damaged. This resin tube is inflated and heated which then, in turn, leaves behind a noncorrosive, brand-new, joint less pipe in his place inside the broken pipe once existed as part of a working system. The interior resin seals off any kind of leaks and cracks and forms the brand-new pipe in which the system can force water through.

Method Two: Pipe Bursting

A professional who is trained in trenchless sewer line repair will assess the existing pipe underground to determine where the damage is located and where the problem lies. A new pipe is drawn through the old pipe and this results in the crushing of the old pipe. The pipe bursts and crumbles into small pieces. In its wake, lies a replacement pipe. This method of repair can be used on caved in pipes as well.

Sewers and Trenchless Technology

Many property owners in Ottawa do not realize the efficiency of trenchless pipe repair, particularly in terms of the amount of money and time that such a process saves. This method is a newer more novel way of repairing pipe without having to tear up the yard to dig trenches. This repair technology been available for over 10 years and is just now that it is really coming into the spotlight. Here’s a list of just some of the benefits:

  • Less Expense: The tasks of using trenchless pipe is far less expensive than digging up trenches and relying on heavy equipment for pipe repair or replacement. There is a large reduction in the costs of labor. Smaller equipment is used to complete the task, and fewer overall hours are needed for job completion. You get the same kind of repair as you would with a traditional dig and fix method, only the fixing method is faster, more efficient, less time consuming, and easier than before.
  • Time Saving – Rather than take weeks of your time digging up your yard, pulling out old pipework, putting in new piping and covering everything back up, not to mention all the hours you must put in fixing up your yard again, we can use the trenchless method to repair pipe in a matter of one to two days. Water doesn’t have to be manually hauled and pipes don’t have to be relocated.
  • Better Product – the high-quality cure in place resin liners create a seamless result when replacing cracked or broken pipes. The pipes have no joints so you don’t have to worry about leaks developing because of future joint corrosion.
  • Enhanced Functioning: – Once the trenchless pipework is in place, the liner will help to speed up the flow of waste water through the pipes.
  • Eco-friendly Repair Solution: – With minimal disruption to your property, you can rest assured in knowing you have selected an environmentally friendly fix for your pipework. Less ecological disruption promises easier landscaping maintenance after repairs as well.

If you are ready to make the smart switch, contact the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. They know how to make the most of your trenchless repairs and can have it done quickly.

Give us a call today: 613-791-5777  for a free upfront estimate!

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