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What is a Catch Basin?

Catch Basin Cleaning in Ottawa

You may know the catch basin by its more common name: a storm drain.  It is found by the curb of your property, or somewhere in your yard.  The storm drain tends to collect leaves and other garbage that flows along with runoff water.  This debris collects at the bottom of the basin as the water drains away.  It’s best to implement catch basin maintenance regularly to remove debris and prevent floods on your property.

Catch Basin Cleaning

When your storm drain clogs, the water backs up.  You risk your home flooding, your foundation being damaged, and sinkholes forming on your property.

Any obstructions to the catch basin will prevent it from functioning correctly.  When clearing leaves or lawn clippings from you yard, avoid depositing them in or over the catch basin.  Don’t park your car over the storm drain.  Removing build-up from dirt, sand, and other foreign matters will help maintain the health of your catch basin.

Catch Basin Maintenance Solutions in Ottawa

It is expected that eventually your catch basin will back up, be slow to drain, or become clogged.  When this happens, our trained experts can present you with a number of solutions.

  • Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Vacuum Truck Services
  • Mechanical Catch Basin Cleaners
  • Catch Basin Pumping
  • Catch Basin Inspection.

What Can You Expect When You Choose Us For Your Catch Basin Cleaning

Our certified experts will work with you to ensure that your plumbing issue is resolved quickly and professionally.  We provide you with:

  • 20+ years of experience to guide you as to the most efficient solution
  • Fair and honest pricing up front
  • Support when obtaining the required permits and permission.
  • Plumbing professionals who are bonded and insured
  • State-of-the-art equipment that is right for the job
  • A team of experts with trade licenses verified and certifications up-to-date
  • A neat living space with minimal disruptions while the project is ongoing
  • A clean and restored property upon completion of the project.

Why Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services ?

Many companies offer licensed plumbers, but Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services also offers respect for your home and your time as our standard.  This means from the time you call us, we are committed to making your entire experience as customer efficient as possible.  We coordinate times that work with your schedule, and call when we’re on our way.  Our plumbers keep our areas neat and covered while working.  In our projects, we use the most appropriate solutions to work quickly and professionally. 

Our strengths do not only lie in plumbing.  We can also help navigating the insurance companies and bureaucratic red tape.  You will receive all the necessary permits for our jobs.  We will guide you through the City of Ottawa rebates for which you qualify.

Our customers love us, and our work is the best quality.  Stop by our testimonials page, and then give us a call.  We’ll set up your free, no-obligation inspection of your catch basin.

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