Keeping Your Basement Dry

weeping tile installationYour defence against a wet basement will involve multiple layers of protection.  The most effective combination is a backwater valve, sump pump, and weeping tile installation. 

Sump Pump

A Sump Pump removes water from your house through the sump basin below your basement floor.  We recommend that the sump pump has its own backup power supply.  This ensures it works even during a power outage caused by storm.

Backwater Valve

This is a one-way valve that prevents water from flowing backwards from the city sewer line to your house.  Water can still flow freely from your house to the sewers (forward).  Backwater valves help keep your basement dry when your sewer is overwhelmed.

Weeping Tile

A weeping tile is a small pipe installed around your basement walls, but on the outside.  The pipes have small holes that allow groundwater into the pipe.  The water is transmitted along the pipe to somewhere more appropriate: a sump basin or away from the home.  Older weeping tiles should be replaced with new pipe ones, because they may not be functioning properly due to age.

Is Weeping Tile Installed Inside or Outside the Home?

Generally, weeping tile is installed on the outside of the home.  However, homes in Ottawa that are too close together may prevent the weeping tile from being installed.  We can install the weeping tile inside the home by cutting into the concrete basement and installing from the inside.

How Does Weeping Tile Work?

Weeping tile works by allowing water to flow through gravel or another aggregate material and collect in a pipe.  That pipe drains in a location away from the foundation of the home. The water may be collected in a sump basin, or in a storm sewer.

Effective Weeping Tile Installation

To begin installation, our experts will open up a small trench around the perimeter of the home.  The old weeping tile and pipe will be removed.  The foundation will be sealed and reinforced with fresh concrete to prevent water from leaking in.

A layer of gravel is placed before the pipe is installed and covered with a second layer of gravel.  With this, the pipe will be held in place by a filtering material while being kept away from the soil.  Finally, the soil is replaced, and the trench is closed.   We repair any damage to concrete, and clean and restore the area to a similar state as when we started.

We can connect the pipe to your sump basin or sewer if you prefer.  If you need us to install a sump pump and basin, let us know and we’ll factor it into our inspection.

Why Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services?

Many companies offer licensed plumbers, but Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services also offers respect for your home and your time as our standard.  This means from the time you call us, we are committed to making your entire experience as customer friendly as possible.  We coordinate times that work with your schedule, and call when we’re on our way.  Our plumbers keep our areas neat and covered while working.  In our projects, we use the most appropriate solutions to work quickly and efficiently.

Our strengths do not only lie in plumbing.  We can also help navigating the insurance companies and city red tape.  You will receive all the necessary permits for our jobs.  We will guide you through the City of Ottawa rebates for which you qualify.

Our customers love us, and our work is the best quality.  Stop by our testimonials page, then give us a call to for a free, no-obligation quote for weeping tile installation in Ottawa.