Why You Need A Weeping Tile Install?

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Weeping Tile Install

Why You Need A Weeping Tile Install

If you have never heard of a weeping tile install, then you are undoubtedly wondering to yourself just what is a weeping tile? Modern weeping tiles are a special kind of pipe for drainage. The pipe is installed outside around a foundation. The modern weeping tiles are made in such a way as to allow them to collect any water and force it to accumulate near footings. The tiles help carry water to a storm sewer or any kind of drain.

When it comes to modern weeping tiles, the tiles themselves are crafted out of a high-density resin made of polyethylene. The tiles are available in varying types, depending upon the intended application and they also vary in size.  Whether you are keeping the home or looking to sell it, you should always have a good drainage system in place.

 Main benefits of modern weeping tiles

  • The tiles establish an under basement point of least resistance
  • The tiles control the direction of runoff groundwater
  • The tiles take any extra water and move it away from the home’s foundation
  • Joins a weeping tile system and water removal method together
  • Provides relief of hydrostatic pressure via a point of least resistance

 It is quite unfortunate that even today, nearly 33 percent of all homes in the residential areas of Ottawa are made of clay. This, of course, means that adequate drainage systems are a must, and only modern weeping tile systems will prove the ideal systems to install to keep a home protected from unintended leaking and flooding. A weeping tile system made of durable plastic will offer superior protection and will help to ensure a basement area and a home’s foundation remains dry at all costs. Of course, if you plan on selling the home, the future homebuyer will be able to invest in the property with a greater degree of confidence, especially knowing there will not be a need for unnecessary basement or foundation repairs in the near future.

 It is the law

In specific areas of Canada, the law requires that any tile around a home must be flexible and measure four inches. The application specifications for commercial purposes are different and are dependent on the engineering requirements and building codes: This means the tile might be flexible or non-flexible, and it may measure four inches, six inches, or eight inches. When there is high sand content, it is best to have a filter cloth cover to keep silt and sad inside the tile with the passage of time.

If you cannot complete the installation yourself, the professionals who work with Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing in Ottawa will be more than happy to assist you in the installation.

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