water line replacementHey, Ottawa, do you have old, leaky pipes?  You may be due for a water line replacement.  Give us a call.  We will provide a free, no obligation quote for the work you need.

Water Line vs. Drain Line

Your home has two main plumbing lines: a water line and a drain line.  The water line brings fresh water to you, and the drain line takes wastewater away from your home.

It doesn’t take much beyond a cold Ottawa winter freeze to potentially cause your plumbing lines to burst.  Underground plumbing lines are also at risk of destruction from root systems, which can cause clogs and leaks.   Fortunately, we offer drain line inspection and trenchless water line repair to diagnosis and correct problems fast and efficiently.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement vs. Traditional

Ottawa homeowners may find many benefits in trenchless water line repair, including:

  1. Time:  Using a trenchless plumbing repair eliminates the need to tear up your lawn to access the plumbing lines.  This also saves you days of digging and restoration, while disrupting your water and sewer supplies.  Trenchless plumbing is often completed within one day.
  2. Quality: For trenchless drain replacement and sewer line repairs, we use pipe bursting methods and Perma-Liner.  Both of these have been proven to leave you with a high-quality repair than traditional methods.  Your new, robust plumbing system will be seamless and joint free, and should last for decades.
  3. Function: Not only does trenchless repair give higher quality plumbing, it requires less upkeep while possibly improving flow.

Water Line Replacement Cost

The cost of the job is determined by the length of pipe replaced.  Trenchless water and sewer line replacement is cost per foot.  However, due to a shorter installation time and lower maintenance costs, you will save money now and in the long run.  Less installation time means lower labor costs.  Not digging up your lawn saves on excavation equipment, and lawn and driveway remediation expenses expected with a traditional repair.

Why Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services?

We know that your home is your sanctuary and your time is valuable.  So we always treat your home and your time with respect.

Most people call a plumber when there is an emergency, and this can be a stressful time.  When you call Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services, our job is to help reduce your stress and work with you to make the situation better.  By providing 24/7 service, we can coordinate with you to find the earliest possible opportunity to assess the problem.  During the assessment and repair, we keep our work areas cover and clean.  We use the best technological solutions available, including Perma-Liner and pipe-bursting water line replacement.  Our commitment to excellent customer service carries all the way until the job is done, quickly and efficiently.  As part of closing the job, we provide you with a video of your pipes so you can see the difference.  Finally, we warranty all our underground work for 20 years.

Ottawa, when you want proven, high quality plumbing line replacement solution executed by a professional licensed team, Call Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.  Our customers agree.  Visit our website to see testimonials from our customers, then contact us for a no-obligation quote.