Sewer Line Cleaning Cost in Ottawa: From $195

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Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing offers reliable, 24/7 sewer line cleaning in Ottawa.

Our plumbers are certified and locally based, and we specialize in same-day sewer cleaning services and drain cleaning. When you call Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing for sewer line cleaning, we offer same-day service and guarantee quality results. 

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We offer affordable rates and upfront pricing on plumbing services, including:

Our professional drain cleaning company provides drain cleaning in Ottawa, Barrhaven, Nepean, Kanata, Orleans, Carlington, Old Ottawa South, Vanier, Gloucester, and Emburn. Our drain cleaning service goes beyond drain snakes for difficult clogs in main sewer lines. 

When Is Sewer Line Cleaning Needed for a Clogged Sewer Line?

We offer professional sewer cleaning services in Ottawa. We know that many plumbing emergencies can be preventable when you notice signals of clogging and get your sewers cleaned properly the first time.

Here is what to look for:

  • Slow drains or puddles around blocked floor drain,
  • Foul smell from drains,
  • Backups in a fixture or one fixture backing up into another,
  • Overflows in fixtures,
  • Fixtures make strange gurgling noises.

When you notice any of these signals, our best advice is to call Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing as soon as possible. Reach us at (613) 791 5777 for a free estimate.

Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing handles everything from minor plumbing problems to plumbing emergencies. 

Our licensed and certified plumbers use professional drain cleaning tools and technologies, including high pressure drain cleaning, to fix the problem and ensure it will last.

Why Is My Sewer Line Clogging?

Different problems may make your sewer line clog before you call for a professional sewer line cleaning. 

The most common plumbing problems include:

  • A broken pipe creates a misalignment in your plumbing system, and dirt and debris can build up and cause a total blockage.
  • Debris can also clog up within your main sewer line over time, caused by excess toilet paper, soap scum, or even foreign objects like hygiene products that accumulate and block the main sewer line.
  • Grease and fat put down the kitchen sink frequently clog up the main sewer line. Running hot water down the kitchen sink won’t solve the problem—as the pipes cool, the grease and fat will harden up more.
  • Even if a tree isn’t too close to your home, tree roots can be a significant issue for clogged sewer lines. Roots can grow a long way to seek out moisture, and when the roots infiltrate a main sewer line, it can cause total blockage.
  • Shifting soil or a sinkhole may cause your sewer line to sag. When sewer lines sag, it causes wastewater to pool in the deepest sections, preventing water from draining correctly and often causing pipes to back up.

Can I Prevent a Clogged Sewer Line?

We can suggest preventative measures to keep your sewer lines free of obstructions. 

However, scheduling a drain cleaning service is always best to properly maintain your plumbing system and ensure long-lasting results.

Locate Plants, Bushes, and Trees Far From the Sewer Line

Sewers can clog when trees are planted too close to the main sewer line. 

In addition, tree roots are more difficult to maintain close to your house, and when the roots overtake the drain pipes, they can destroy your sewer line and cause a plumbing emergency.

Don’t Flush Wipes or Hygiene Products Into the Toilet

Waste and toilet paper are the only objects meant to flush down a toilet. Sanitary products are huge culprits for clogging pipes and causing plumbing emergencies.

Dated Clay Pipes Should be Replaced

Older homes were often built with clay or lead pipes, and corrosion can build up over time. Find out if your pipes are clay or lead, and consider replacing them before a plumbing emergency.

Schedule a Sewer Line Cleaning in Ottawa Once Every Year

High pressure drain cleaning done annually clears debris from your sewer line and foreign objects that can cause serious clogging issues. 

Older plumbing systems may require more frequent sewer line cleaning, and we can provide a free estimate to ensure proper maintenance.

How Do Sewer Cleaning Services Work in Ottawa?

Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing’s qualified plumbing professionals use the highest standards and technology in our sewer cleaning services. During your free estimate for plumbing services, we’ll determine the severity of the blockage and use professional drain snakes or hydro-jetting to do the job right the first time.

Sewer Line Cleaning Ottawa

Should I Try Unclogging My Sewer Line Myself?

Some homeowners look to DIY hacks on internet videos and attempt to unclog their drains.

The simplest drain snake may remove a simple clog, but you can’t know how solid the blockage is, and you don’t want a plumbing emergency requiring half of your sewer system to get dismantled.

A professional drain cleaning is the only way to target impossible clogs, and we use sewer jetting to wash jams away with high pressure streams of water. 

High pressure drain cleaning ensures your pipes get cleaned without harsh chemicals.

Speaking of chemicals, soda or vinegar might work temporarily for a small blockage. Still, you should always be satisfied that the job has been done right the first time by top-notch plumbing professionals with the most modern equipment.

There’s no need for your hands to get dirty! Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing leaves your sewer clean and in the best shape possible — contact us and have a local plumber do the job right for you.

How Much Does Sewer Line Cleaning Cost in Ottawa?

Our affordable drain cleaning services begin at $195 for our residential customers.

The complete estimate for a main sewer line cleaning in Ottawa will depend on whether we use a professional plumbing drain snake or a hydro jet system.

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Sewer Line Cleaning Cost in Ottawa: From $195

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