Toilet Installation Cost in Ottawa: From $220

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We all know that toilets are necessary, but ignoring toilet maintenance, including minor repairs, only results in a bigger problem.

Toilets can take abuse, but eventually, they all need replacing. So when you need toilet installation in Ottawa, don’t panic! Instead, call an experienced professional to install it right for you the first time.

Toilet Repair Vs Toilet Replacement

We handle plumbing service calls for malfunctioning toilets all the time. Many of them involve just a simple fix – a clog or leak that is easily rectified. Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing is always available to repair or unblock your toilet. There are times, however, when a toilet requires total replacement.

Signs Your Toilet Needs a Repair

Here are some of the most common toilet problems which may require plumbing service:

  • A constantly running toilet
  • Leaks and puddles surrounding the toilet or on the floor
  • Leaks from the toilet tank
  • Noise coming from the toilet assembly
  • Poor flushing pressure due to clogs
  • Low water levels in the toilet bowl
  • Toilet is unsteady or wobbling
  • Constant issues with the toilet from the above and other plumbing issues

Signs That You Need a New Toilet

A leaky toilet may need replacing, but that doesn’t mean you should delay if you’re unsure about the state of your toilet. 

A faulty toilet is one thing—the real problems happen when a flooding toilet or backed-up sewer causes expensive water damage. Watch out for these signs so you can eliminate a toilet disaster.

Sign #1: Your toilet is old

It’s not like you can check for the manufacturer’s date on a toilet, but if your house or property was built in the 1960s or earlier, it’s probably time to replace it. 

Older toilets are prone to cracks and damage, and they also use much more water to flush out the bowl than a modern toilet. New toilets are built tough and efficient, and they’re less expensive to run because they use less water.

Sign #2: Your toilet isn’t anchored properly

Does your toilet wobble? That’s not a good sign! Whether it’s an age-related issue, improper installation, or either a damaged wax ring or subfloor, please call a plumber immediately when you start feeling your toilet moving under you.

Sign #3: There are cracks on your toilet

See a crack on your toilet? Call a plumber immediately to repair or replace your toilet.

Even if it’s a small crack, it can cause significant damage because cracked toilets can’t function properly and often leak badly enough to cause water damage. 

When to Hire a Plumber to Replace a Toilet

While a toilet replacement can certainly be a DIY (do-it-yourself) project, there are reasons why you might not attempt such a job yourself. Here are three of them, illustrating why going with a professional plumber is the smart choice:

#1. Knowledge and Plumbing Related Experience 

The professional plumber you hire to install your new toilet will have know-how and experience that will give you peace of mind that the job is done 100% correctly. Plumbers have the expertise along with knowledge of the many unforeseen circumstances that can complicate the job. Your professional plumber can work within the space they are given, and ensure all components and installed parts are watertight – the last thing you want from your new toilet is a leak or a flood. A good plumber will also check adjoining pipes, and warn you of potential issues – the average DIYer may not possess this skill set.

#2. Do-it-Yourself Often Costs More in the Long Term

A DIYer looking to save money may have the best of intentions, but attempting a toilet replacement without the in-depth knowledge of a plumber can result in lots of trouble down the road, or even during the course of the project. That DIY project, which winds up impacting both the toilet install and the adjacent piping, could wind up costing you much more in the long run, in terms of both dollars and aggravation, in the form of leaks and potential floods.

#3. A Professional Toilet Installation Will Save You Time

Professional plumbers tend to work with speed and efficiency. They understand your time is money, and they can quickly address issues that come up during the job. Toilet installations are often complex, including picking out the right toilet for the space, and having the right tools and materials on hand for the installation.  The right tools themselves are extensive – including drills, saws, caulking, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. A DIYer has to ensure this all up front, or brace themselves for serious trouble during the project. When you hire a professional, experienced plumber, all this is looked after.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, we urge you to do your research online first, and be very very careful with any plumbing repair job. One little mistake can result in water damage costing you thousands of dollars.

Ottawa Toilet Repair Services

Feel free to contact us at Dr. Pipe for toilet repair issues including:

  • Replacement of flush valve
  • Replacement of fill valve
  • Tank-to-bowl kit – replacement
  • Flapper replacement
  • Repair or freeing up of toilet clogs
  • Toilet leaks – repair
  • Toilet flange repair or replace
  • Toilet Replacement

Toilet Installation Costs

The cost of installing a toilet depends on what kind of toilet bowl you choose and how well your existing plumbing functions.

Toilet Bowl Prices

The price range on a new toilet is between $125 to $6,5000, depending on brand and style.

New Toilet Installation

When the existing plumbing functions well, a basic installation is around $300.

The cost to install can go as high as $800 if the plumbing system isn’t functioning right or an urgent repair is required. So what’s the takeaway? 

Toilet installation in Ottawa should never be considered a DIY project. Instead, call in a professional to get the job done right!

Toilet Installation Costs from Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing in Ottawa

In Non-Condo:

  • Cost for Installing 2 Pc Toilet – $220
  • Cost for Installing 1 Pc toilet – $270
  • Cost for Installing Skirted Toilets – $380
  • Cost for Toilet tank repairing (A/S or any toilet tanks with universal parts)- $230 including a full kit of flapper, fill valve and braided water supply
  • Cost for Replace braided water supply only- $180
  • Cost for Separate Bidet installation – $750
  • Cost for Speyer Bidet installation – $295 (special conditions apply)
  • Cost for Seat Bidet installation– $450 up to $1200 electrical connections are not included.

In Condo:

  • Cost for Installing 2 Pc Toilet in Condo- $250
  • Cost for Installing 1 Pc toilet in Condo- $300
  • Cost for Installing Skirted Toilets in Condos– $450
  • Cost for Toilet tank repairing (A/S or any toilet tanks with universal parts)- $250 including a full kit of flapper, fill valve and braided water supply
  • Cost for Replacing braided water supply only – $200
  • Cost for Separate bidet installation- $850

(For floor mounted and electric toilets price please call us to get a free quote!)

When your plumber attends your service call, they must take all of the above and more into account. Once our technician assesses your specific situation, we provide you with an upfront estimate of the work required. This means no surprises at the end, billing-wise.

For a typical service call by a licensed and insured Ottawa plumber, you should expect to pay in the range of $150-$250, but it all depends on the specific situation – complex repairs can cost significantly more. Keep in mind that these days, the costs of materials, gas, and everything else keep on rising. Plumbing services in the Ottawa area may be rising once again in the near future.

Your toilet and bathroom is one of the most complex, and most used fixture in  your home.  When you need to address toilet issues, rely on the advice and service of a qualified plumber in your area. We are proud of both our expertise in plumbing and toilet repair and replacement; we also have the long list of satisfied customers to prove it. Our advice to you is to go with the professionals for your plumbing and toilet related needs.

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Toilet Installation Cost in Ottawa: From $220

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