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Drain Relining Pros and Cons

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It’s not always easy to identify signs of damaged drains and pipes. Sometimes, it may be just a bad smell or standing water. Both of these indicate there is a blockage in the line. Unfortunately, interior wall damage in drains is more difficult to detect. If you’re unable to see the problem, it can cause further deterioration later. 

What is Drain Relining?

Drain relining is an alternative to the usual drain repair methods.  It is cleaner and less expensive than traditional repair. The damaged pipe has a flexible resin line pushed through it. The resin to the pipe, and then cured with heat. The new lining is moulded to the old pipe exactly. When complete, the new smooth new pipe is encased in the original one.

The Process of Drain Relining

Step 1. Drain Inspection

Relining a drain is simply adding an inner protective layer to your plumbing.  This layer hardens to create a reinforced casing that protects against future damage.  We begin by performing a thorough investigation of the line with CCTV survey technology.  This helps us locate the damage and determine the extent of it.  During the process, the drain pipe is continuously monitored via CCTV. The pipes are then flushed clean with a powerful stream of water.  Clean lines allow the new pipelining to adhere to the old pipe better.

Step 2. Perma Liner Installation in Ottawa

The flexible resin lining is passed through the pipe.  The lining may be conformed to the shape of the pipe by an inflated bag.  Sometimes high water pressure may be used.  Once the lining is in place, it may be cured by hot water or UV lighting. The lining serves a dual purpose.  It protects the damaged pipe and provides a low friction surface for water flow. Then can be used camera one more time to take a view of the new lining inside the pipe.

This method of drain relining is quick, easy, and very cost-effective. The cured resin is robust enough to last years without repair. It is also appropriate for pipes of all diameters (50 mm to over 1 m). Relining can occur as one single piece. If it is required, the relining can be broken up into multiple overlapping pieces.

Drain Relining Facts

Drain relining consists of correcting a broken line by setting a new lining (pipe) into the existing one. This method is excellent for solving problems like;

  • Leaking or open joints.
  • Radial cracks resulting from blockages.
  • Root intrusion.

The technique is standard in addressing situations where there’s minor damage; in a small part of the pipe. In such a case, there’s no call for complete relining.

Drain Relining Pros and Cons

Drain relining has many advantages, including;

  • No destruction since the pipe lining contractors does not have to dig or even excavate.
  • There is no downtime for businesses since there isn’t interference with the business’ operations.
  • It is cost-effective since there’s no digging required.
  • It restores the structure of the pipe.
  • It is more accurate as sewer line repair involves technology like camera inspection to determine areas with defects.
  • There’s a limited amount of time spent during repairs. It takes a few days or less to complete the project.

Drain relining has advantages for business owners as well:

  • If you encounter an issue with the drain and sewer system, it can end up forcing you to close your business for days as you repair the issue. Days of no business means days of money lost. With the pipe relining service we provide, you will be back in business before you know it – we can help you prevent the loss of thousands in income.
  • Minimize business operation disruptions with pipe relining solutions. We can perform many pipe relining takes within a day. In contrast, the traditional means for replacing pipe, consisting of digging up the old pipes, installing new, and covering the system up again, can increase the costs of the repair you require exponentially. Pipe relining is clearly the more cost effective solution.

Although drain relining doesn’t have critical disadvantages, it is not a viable option in some situations like;

  • Fixing pipe parts that contractors install poorly by not paying attention to quality work or general technical problems.
  • Repairing offset joints which occur when the joints in a pipe are not spaced correctly and the end of two pipes part causing a leak at that point.

Let Us Handle the Drain Relining. If you notice the signs that call for drain relining, do not hesitate to contact us at Dr. Pipe. We have a team of experts using advanced technology that is a match for such problems. Moreover, we can work with the set timelines and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Relining

Drain Relining in Ottawa by Dr. Pipe

Is Drain Relining Eco Friendly?

Since the ling and resin used in the pipe lining equipment are approved, drain relining is environmentally safe. Because of the disruption to property, gardens, and trees, excavation is the polar opposite of environmentally friendly. During drilling, broken pipes are often further destroyed, leaking lethal chemicals into the dirt.

Drain relining is suitable for sensitive areas such as rivers and lakes.

When Do You Need Drain Relining Services?

When you see the following signs, contact the sewer lining contractors. The signs include;

  • Unpleasant odors are filling the air.
  • Presence of gurgling sounds even when there isn’t any running water.
  • Wet floors.
  • Rodents. Like rats in your yard.
  • Raised water bill not corresponding to the water usage.
  • Cracked sewer pipe repair

Do Pipelining Solutions Vary In Terms of Method?

No, but not all pipe relining options are accompanied with a well-engineered design life. In other words, you get a 50-year design life with the type of trenchless piping we install, and this is a fact that our engineers can back. The piping is independently tested for quality and our engineers can provide you with any specs you require.

What Kinds of Drain Pipes Can Endure the Process of Being Relined?

  • Bends, traps, and junctions
  • Pipes made of cast iron materials
  • Pipes made of earthenware materials
  • Pipes measuring between 50 and 400 millimeters in diameter
  • Pipes made of PVC materials
  • Sewer pipe systems
  • Patches, short, and long pipe sections
  • Drains for storm water control

Why choose Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services Your Perma Liner Installer?

We have all the technology for trenchless drain repairs such as pipe burst if you are not a good candidate for drain lining.

We also:

  • Respect your Home through our clean-up commitment.
  • Respect your time with our convenient appointment times.
  • Plumbing Insurance claim help.
  • City of Ottawa rebates help.
  • The correct permits for your job are pulled to make sure your job is 100% legal.

We Guaranty Best Prices in Ottawa on Trenchless Drain Repair Services!

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