It’s not always easy to identify signs of damaged drains and pipes. Sometimes, it may be just a bad smell or standing water.  Both of these indicate there is a blockage in the line.  Unfortunately, interior wall damage in drains is more difficult to detect.  If you’re unable to see the problem, it can cause further deterioration later. Drain Relining in Ottawa by Dr. Pipe

What is Drain Relining?

Drain relining is an alternative to the usual drain repair methods.  It is cleaner and less expensive than traditional repair.  The damaged pipe has a flexible resin line pushed through it.  The resin to the pipe, and then cured with heat.   The new lining is moulded to the old pipe exactly.  When complete, the new smooth new pipe is encased in the original one.

Advantages of Drain Relining

Using drain relining is the most direct way to ensure your drains are well maintained.  The advantages of this are numerous.  For one, it eliminates extracting old pipes due to the use of non-destructive technologies.  There is no digging up of your lawn to replace broken pipes.  Many owners, especially those with commercial properties, appreciate this benefit.  They like that the process can occur with minimal disruption to their business operations.

The Process of Drain Relining

Step 1. Drain Inspection

Relining a drain is simply adding an inner protective layer to your plumbing.  This layer hardens to create a reinforced casing that protects against future damage.  We begin by performing a thorough investigation of the line with CCTV survey technology.  This helps us locate the damage and determine the extent of it.  During the process, the drain pipe is continuously monitored via CCTV. The pipes are then flushed clean with a powerful stream of water.  Clean lines allow the new pipelining to adhere to the old pipe better.

Step 2. Perma liner Installation in Ottawa

The flexible resin lining is passed through the pipe.  The lining may be conformed to the shape of the pipe by an inflated bag.  Sometimes high water pressure may be used.  Once the lining is in place, it may be cured by hot water or UV lighting.   The lining serves a dual purpose.  It protects the damaged pipe and provides a low friction surface for water flow.

This method of drain relining is quick, easy, and very cost-effective.  The cured resin is robust enough to last years without repair.  It is also appropriate for pipes of all diameters (50 mm to over 1 m).  Relining can occur as one single piece.  If it is required, the relining can be broken up into multiple overlapping pieces.

Why choose Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services your Perma Liner installer?

We have all the technology for trenchless drain repairs such as pipe burst if you are not a good candidate for drain lining.

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