What Is a Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve is a simple plumbing fixture that can be the difference between extensive property damage and a safe, dry home. The valve is installed on the sewer line in your basement and works by preventing sewage from flowing back up the line during heavy rains or flooding. Waste from your home freely flows out but the backwater valve stops any water and waste from coming back up into your basement. This means no disgusting smells and no water damage.

Backwater valve installation

Do I Need A Backwater Valve Installed?

The short answer to this is yes, you should have a backwater valve installed. In fact, the City of Ottawa requires all new homes to have one installed and with good reason.  Flooding in Ottawa is a problem many of us have to deal with, but you don’t need to endure all the cost and damage associated with water backing up into your basement because of it. A backwater valve can help prevent flooding and potentially save you a lot of time, aggravation, and money.

How Do You Install and Maintain a Backwater Valve?

A licensed plumber is required to install a backwater valve, this is not the kind of thing you can try yourself. The device should also receive yearly maintenance since there are moving parts involved and a yearly inspection ensures they keep operating in a way that keeps your house protected.

What Does a Backwater Valve Cost?

Living in Ottawa we’re very fortunate that the city itself has realized the immense benefits of having a backwater valve installed.  Ottawa has something called the Residential Protective Plumbing Program which can substantially offset the cost of installing a backwater valve. You can also check with your home insurance provider to see if the installation will lower your rates.

The cost of not having a backwater valve installed is hard to calculate when you factor in not just the cost of repairing and replacing anything damaged during flooding, but what it might cost to have a crew come to your home during an emergency when you’re likely to pay a premium. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you have a valve in place before it’s too late. While every home is different, we’re more than happy to offer you an estimate upfront.

Backwater Valve Estimate

Whether you have a backwater valve installed already and need a maintenance check or you’re ready to have a new one installed, give us a call. Backwater valve installation will save you more in the long run not only financially but with peace of mind,  knowing you’re not going to have to worry about that next rainstorm or flooded street putting your home in jeopardy. Call us today or fill out the form to get a free estimate.

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