Water Shut-Off Valve Installation Cost in Ottawa: From $170

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The type of shut-off valve you need will depend on the type of pipes you have. If you mismatch them, the inadequate connection can lead to costly water damage.

Water Shut-off Valve installation in Ottawa

The Two Kinds of Water Shut-Off Valves

1. Primary Water Shut-Off Valve

Your residence gets a reliable water supply because of the public lines. Most plumbing systems have a shut-off valve on the mainline. It’s essential because water runs at high pressure and can be unpredictable. The main shut-off valve is a component located under the water hose connection. It prevents water from flowing to your home from the meter.

It’s sometimes a good idea to activate your shut-off valve to turn off the water supply to your residence’s plumbing system. A shut-off valve makes sense for the following reasons:

  • You experience a plumbing emergency, such as a burst drain.
  • You repair toilets, leaks, and taps at your home.
  • You replace components of your home’s water system.
  • You plan to be away for an extended period.
  • You are winterizing your residence.

2. Traditional Water Shut-Off Valve

The regular water shut-off valve connects the supplier pipe and distributor pipe. It also simplifies shutting off the water to safeguard against spillages or leakages. You don’t have to go with just one water shut-off valve. For instance, you can install one in your laundry room, bathtubs, kitchen sink, toilets, showers, and more. You can reduce the odds of water damage and save on future repairs.

When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Regular and Main Water Shut-Off Valves?

When you see water dripping from your drains, even after activating the main shut-off valve, you should replace it.

Most licensed plumbers recommend replacing rather than repairing water shut-off valves when they malfunction. Attempting to fix them is risky since there’s no guarantee the fix will be permanent or long-term.

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What Is the Cost to Replace Shut-Off Valves in Ottawa?

How much will shut-off valve installation cost you? The answer is that it depends on, one, the type of valve you want and, two, the quality of the valve. Some products are relatively cheap, but those options aren’t nearly as durable as you need. If you focus solely on price, it won’t be long before you’re looking for a replacement. Your best bet is to invest in a quality brand from a reputable manufacturer. Kohler is one such manufacturer.

Shut-off valves cost anywhere from $10 to $30. The cost is a function of various factors, such as the model and the material’s durability. Installing shut-off valves typically costs more than the shut-off valves themselves. Installation can cost anywhere from $135 to $550 depending on the type of the valve. Your location and the company providing the installation will factor into how much you pay. The type of valve you install, whether a main valve or a regular valve, will also factor into the installation cost. Another consideration is whether the installation is for your home or business. You’ll pay more for the latter than for the former.

A six-valve installation job will cost you anywhere from $600 to $850, including materials, equipment, and anything else required. While the cost might seem high, it’s worth it considering the benefits of water shut-off valves. When you install quality shut-off valves, you’ll find that plumbing repairs are simpler and cheaper. Shut-off valves can also help contain any damage if plumbing fixtures break down. You can use the shut-off valve to turn off the water supply until a licensed plumber can fix the issue.

Shut-off Valve installation in Ottawa

What Dr. Pipe Charges for Shut-off Valves Installation

Non Condo Costs:

  • Cost for Installing New ½” Shut-off Valves– $170
  • Cost for Installing New 3/4” Shut-off Valves– $250
  • Cost for Installing New 1” Shut-off Valves–  $330
  • Cost for Installing New Main Shut-off Valves– ½” – $350, ¾” –$400, 1” – $500

In Condo Costs:

  • Cost for Installing New ½” Shut-off Valves–  $200
  • Cost for Installing New 3/4” Shut-off Valves – $320
  • Cost for Installing New 1” Shut-off Valves– $400
  • Cost for Installing New Main Shut-off Valve– ½” – $595, ¾” – $650 per pair

How to Replace a Water Shut-Off Valve?

If you need to replace your water shut-off valves, you need help from a professional plumber. It’s not the time for a DIY project. Expertise is essential.  

Continue reading for specific reasons why you need to hire a licensed plumber to install shut-off valves in your home:

  • When installing new shut-off valves, a licensed plumber will remove a part of your existing pipe, make threads, install the valves, and then seal them. You’ll want to ensure you hire a licensed plumber to do the job correctly the first time. Even if you’re a skilled DIYer with the right tools, the risks of making a mistake are too great. Your best bet is to retain the services of an experienced professional.
  • A licensed plumber will ensure the drains are not damaged when removing the old valves. This is crucial since damaging the lines will result in jamming and rusting, requiring expensive repairs. A professional plumber is equipped to do the job right.

You’ll get an iron-clad warranty when you hire one of our licensed plumbers at Dr. Pipe. You’ll get peace of mind since the warranty means you’ll get free placements and repair services should there ever be problems with your shut-off valve. Once you notice an issue, call us for fast and courteous service.

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Water Shut-Off Valve Installation Cost in Ottawa: From $170

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