Drain Camera Inspection Cost in Ottawa:  From $350 per branch

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Drain Line Video Inspection Ottawa

One of the best reasons for hiring Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services is technology. We embrace using the latest and best technology available in plumbing for your plumbing repairs. For example, when we perform a drain line inspection, we examine pipes using a special camera. This waterproof camera is designed specifically for the plumbing industry and plumbing companies. Drain line video can be used to detect current plumbing damage or potential problems before they occur.

Drain Video Inspection is the Most Effective Blockage and Leak Identifier

Early detection is your best defense against leaks and blockages in your pipes. It’s nearly impossible to recognize the symptoms from the outside of the pipe. Most pipes are obscured by walls, the floor, or the ground. These obstacles make clogs or leaks expensive and inconvenient repairs. When you do see the signs, it’s often too late to prevent damage of the pipes or drainage system.

A video drain inspection verifies that the flow through the pipe is as it should be. It also helps the longevity of the pipe to prevent potential damage. Keeping damage contained prevents them from growing into a problem that disrupts your household. Preventing problems means less digging, less mess, and less money.

It doesn’t matter if your home is old, new, or renovated. What’s going on in your pipes is usually a mystery. An inspection with camera will demystify the situation. For a small fee and a little time, you’ll know exactly what you’re dealing with. If you’re not sure, a Dr. Pipe plumbing professional will be at your side to help. Together, you’ll navigate through the trouble spots and come out with solutions going forward.

How Looks The Drain Line Video Inspection Process

  • Your plumbing professional inserts the high-resolution camera directly into the sewer line. The camera’s probe consists of a long flexible rod, able to maneuver through the drain.
  • As the vide inspection of the drain line occurs, the plumbing technician makes real-time assessments. He or she will use the video feed to evaluate the situation in your pipe.
  • The technician will give you the diagnosis of the problem. He or she will follow with recommended solutions. Fixing the problem may range from snaking the pipe to drain replacement.
  • You’ll receive a copy of both the drain inspection video and still photos.

Why Do a Drain Line Video Inspection?

Using a video inspection has two main benefits. For one, you can see drain problems without the expense and inconvenience of exploratory excavation. There are no open trenches or exposed pipe to work around. The other benefit is that it prevents potential problem before they occur. You can see budding symptoms of drain damage. Then, you and your technician can develop a plan to correct the issue, saving you money.

When Can Drain Line Video Inspections Be Used?

You can use drain line video inspection in any situation. Some common ones include:

  • When you think you have a drain problem. You can use a video inspection if you suspect something is going on with your pipes. It will help identifyCorroded pipes
  • Off-grade pipes
  • Misaligned, punctured, or broken pipes
  • Pipes obstructed by foreign objects, such as tree roots.
  • During a home inspection. You don’t want surprises when you’re buying your new home in Ottawa. A video inspection of the plumbing pinpoints the exact location future and current problems in the line. You can use this information when negotiating the price.
  • Preventative Maintenance. It may be time for you to perform a routine home inspection anyway. As a responsible home owner, you may inspect your home as the seasons change. This is a good way to proactively approach any new home issues. We recommend that you add an inspection of the drains with camera to your seasonal preventative maintenance checklist.

The Benefits of Camera Inspection

When it comes to overall maintenance, clogged and blocked drains rank amongst some of the most frustrating issues that people have to deal with. Plumbing has long been a ‘guessing game’, most people are surprised that a drain video camera inspection could reveal many of the underlying issues that we would normally never see.

Whether you are noticing some problems with the drains, or planning drain tile camera inspection on a property you are considering to buy, there are a number of benefits to drain line video inspection service in Ottawa:

Benefit #1 – You Get An Accurate And Fast Analysis

The best thing about a camera inspection is that you get the result you need – fast. You no longer need a wait-and-see-approach, a licensed professional is capable of going into your pipes and find out what needs to be done. This means that repairs are made quickly and decisively.

Benefit #2 – It Is Safe

You do not need to dig up your floors, take apart your fixture, or cut into your walls with a sewer camera inspection. A professional can easily look at your indoor plumbing and determine what needs to be done. This is about as non-invasive as it gets. You still get the same information and the same certainty, but without any of the attached mess that you got before.

Benefit #3 – It Is Accurate

Are you unsure whether your dream house has the right plumbing system? Are you unsure about the current condition of your home plumbing system? With a drain camera inspection services, you can quickly find out. It gives you an almost instant overview of your plumbing system.

Benefit #4 – Prevention Is Always Better

You do not want to wait for a leak to strike, so you should try to identify a problem before it occurs. Long before these issues spiral out of control, a pipe video inspection can help identify potential issues. It is difficult to imagine being able to see into your internal piping system without relying on a plumbing camera inspection.

Benefit #5 – Cost Effective

Fixing drain problems can be quite expensive especially for tree roots etc. are blocking the pipe or if there is damage to the pipe. A sewer scoping is quick and effective; this means the plumber would be able to diagnose the plumbing problems quicker which reduces the labor costs. If a water line replacement is required, the plumber would be able to ascertain this quickly as well. So, the cctv drain inspection cost is rather affordable.

Why choose Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services to Perform Your Video Inspection?

There are several reasons to choose us at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services as your pipe and drain inspection company. 

  • We are fully licensed and insured local professionals.
  • We have over 20 years experience in the plumbing business.
  • We can perform trenchless drain repairs, which can save you time, money and inconvenience.
  • We have competitive prices and flat pricing. We also offer a 25% discount on drain inspections services if you mention the Dr. Pipe website.

Drain Camera Inspection Cost in Ottawa:  From $350 per branch

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