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Frozen pipe

Why Do Your Pipes Freeze?

Winters in Ottawa can be brutal. Exposure to sub-zero temperatures causes the water in your pipes to freeze, and when water turns to ice, it expands. Pipes with ice are at risk of leaking and bursting. When the weather warms up and your pipe thaw, you may be facing a serious plumbing problem. Damaged from frozen pipe may cause your house to flood when the water runs again. You’ll need expensive emergency repairs to fix the pipes.

Frozen Water Pipe Prevention

There are a couple of actions you can attempt to prevent your pipes from freezing.

  • Ensure all outdoor pipes and faucets are drained. Hoses should be removed.  Turn off shut-off valves from inside the house, and bleed water from the faucet until it is dry.
  • Insulate all exposed pipe and water supplies as soon as possible. This should be done in uninsulated areas such as crawlspaces, basements, garages, and attics.  Insulation can be as simple as wrapping a towel around a pipe, but commercial grade plumbing insulation is better.  Call us to insulate your pipes.  We have access to professional grade insulation materials to protect your pipes.
  • On cold days, open cabinets and cupboards in your kitchen and bathroom so warm air circulates around your pipes.
  • If you go on vacation, don’t turn off your furnace completely. The warmth of the house will prevent ice from forming in the indoor pipes.
  • During the coldest periods, let your pipes run at an extremely slow trickle. Running water freezes slower than standing water.  The running pipe will not freeze as quickly.

What If Your Pipes Still Freeze?

If your pipes still freeze despite your best efforts, you need to take immediate action. You must turn off the main water valve and call a professional plumber. Feel free to call us at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services.

Frozen Pipe Repair

When we fix frozen pipes, we perform the following steps.

  • The section of the frozen pipe with damage is identified.
  • This damaged section of the pipe is isolated in order to begin the repair.
  • A temporary solution is developed so that you will experience as little disruption to your day as possible. While you go about your day, we’ll work on thawing your pipes.
  • Thawing pipes is a controlled process, since adding too much heat too fast can cause additional damage. The thawing process is managed carefully.
  • After the pipes are thawed, a comprehensive inspection is conducted to check for damages and leaks. We then discuss the situation, and your options with you, then develop a plan going forward.

What Can You Expect When You Choose Us For Your Installation

Our certified experts will work with you to ensure that your plumbing issue is resolved quickly and professionally. We provide you with

  • 20+ years of experience to guide you as to the most efficient solution
  • Fair and honest pricing up front
  • Support when obtaining the required permits and permission
  • Plumbing professionals who are bonded and insured
  • State-of-the-art thawing equipment to warm up your pipes as fast, and as safely, as we possibly can
  • Emergency response capabilities to get you back to normal quickly
  • A team of experts with trade licenses verified and certifications up-to-date
  • A neat living space with minimal disruptions while the project is ongoing
  • A clean and restored property upon completion of the project.

Why Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services?

Many companies offer licensed plumbers, but Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services also offers respect for your home and your time as our standard. This means from the time you call us, we are committed to making your entire experience as customer friendly as possible. We coordinate times that work with your schedule, and call when we’re on our way. Our plumbers keep our areas neat and covered while working.  In our projects, we use the most appropriate solutions to work quickly and efficiently.

Our customers love us, and our work is the best quality. Stop by our testimonials page, and then give us a call.  We’ll set up your free, no-obligation inspection, and a follow-up discussion on how to prevent frozen pipes in Ottawa.

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