The Repair of Frozen Water Pipes

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Repair of Frozen Water Pipes in Ottawa

The repair of frozen pipes

When extremely cold weather hits, it is not uncommon for homeowners like yourself to experience problems with frozen pipes. With the cold and wind chill, the risk of getting frozen water pipes is quite high and, as such, it is possible that your pipes will burst because they have frozen over. That is why it is imperative to make every effort in the prevention of problems by attempting to avoid frozen pipes from the start. Additionally, if you end up with frozen pipes, it will become necessary for you to deal with the issue quickly and efficiently so you can reduce the likelihood of additional damage to the plumbing system.

When the water inside your pipes freezes, the conversion of the water into ice causes the pipe to expand and potentially fail where the pipe is weakened. The primary problems with frozen pipes include a lack of access to water because it cannot flow through the pipe, but your bigger concern needs to be on the amount of pressure building up inside the pipes.

The pressure occurs regardless of the materials your pipes are made of and this pressure can damage metal, copper, or plastic pipes if the issue is not resolved quickly. The smallest crack in your water pipes can end up letting up to 250 gallons of water lose a day. The frozen water and problems with frozen pipes can burst the pipes, causing extensive property damage to one’s home or business, and leads to high costs of repair. This is why prevention of problems with frozen pipes is so essential.

What to do when your pipes do freeze

 Tip 1: Turn the main water off that leads into the home: This minimizes the amount of pressure coming into the pipes and it will keep flooding mildly controlled if pipes burst by mistake.

Tip 2: Take a hair dryer and hold it up to the exposed pipes you think are frozen. Never use an open flame in your effort to thaw your pipes. If your pipes are not visible, you need to call in a professional to do the job for you.

Tip 3: When you see the trickle of your water slowing, get in touch with a professional plumber immediately. A plumber may be able to prevent problems with frozen pipes before the real damage occurs.

Get a hold of the Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing in Ottawa plumbing experts when you suspect problems with frozen pipes; they use professional pipe-thawing techniques and equipment to prevent problems and to deal with frozen pipes when they occur.

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