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Water bills are high Ottawa

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Do you find that your water bill is sky-high out of the blue? At Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing, we offer our customers around-the-clock leak inspection services in Ottawa. Whether you’re shocked by your high water bill or have any other issue, our local certified plumbers specialize in sewer and drain inspections. You also have our guarantee for quality results and fair prices. Our same-day service means you’ll have answers sooner rather than later if you’re confused by an increased water bill. Get in touch with us at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing. We’ll get to the bottom of the matter with our expert leak detection services!

Are You Seeing Red After Your Water Bill Has Doubled? Call Us For A No-Cost Ottawa Leak Inspection Estimate!You’ll Get Reasonable Rates And Transparent Pricing. That means you won’t get a fright when you receive the invoice. Our plumbing experts offer leak detection services in Ottawa, Emburn, Barrhaven, Nepean, Old Ottawa South, Kanata, Orleans, Carlington, Vanier, and Gloucester. Don’t ignore it if your water bill is higher than normal. That’s something that requires some investigation to see what’s the matter. Get a leak detection test.

Why Is My Water Bill So High?

There are various high water bill causes. It could be due to higher water usage due to:

  • A change in the home occupancy number (such as new renters, new owners, or visitors).
  • New appliances (such as a heating system, air conditioner, humidifier, dishwasher, lawn sprinkler system, or hot water tank).
  • More time spent in the home could mean greater water consumption.
  • It might be a catch-up bill. This can happen when an actual water meter reading is skipped, an outside remote malfunctions, or after an occupancy change.
  • Increased seasonal demands.

As a homeowner, you’re responsible for all water usage. This includes water lost through leaks.

There haven’t been any changes in my household. Why is my water bill higher than normal?

If you have a higher water bill in Ottawa than usual, without a change in home occupancy, appliances, or activities, there might be a water leak. The first thing you should do is look at your water meter readings and check to see if they are too high. If your meter records usage every hour, overnight, or when water consumption is usually minimal, there’s probably a water leak. Here are some of the ways to determine if you have a leak:

  1. It’s recommended that you verify hourly readings courtesy of My ServiceOttawa.

If you have unexplained high water usage and your water consumption is being documented hourly, overnight, or at times when there’s no water use, you probably have a leak.

  1. Check your water meter prior to going to bed and recheck it in the morning to see if the reading has changed.
  1. Turn off any fixtures and appliances that use water. Check the leak detector. If there’s movement detected even though water-using appliances are switched off, you’ll know there’s a leak.

Manage Consumption and Obtain Notification of Excessively High Water Use

Is your water bill higher than normal? Register for water use alerts through your My ServiceOttawa account. Choose the “Alert subscription” option located on the left-hand pane. You can get email alerts notifying you of consistent water usage over seven straight days or when water consumption exceeds your average daily use.

High water bill

My water bill tripled in one month. However, I’m not sure why!

Has your water bill tripled in one month? Is your water bill too high? Are you frustrated by high bills? You can get things back to normal by calling us at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing. Our licensed plumbers are skilled at troubleshooting your plumbing problems and repairing any issues. Whether the issue is because of leaky washing machines adding up to gallons of water lost or something else, you can count on us to get to the bottom of things.

Reasons Your Water Bill Is High All of a Sudden

You’re probably used to paying a certain amount every month for your water bill. You might even take steps to reduce water use for the environment and your wallet. So, if you’re doing your part by not running water unnecessarily, you won’t want your water bill to skyrocket. Consider these 9 reasons your water bill might go through the roof. Learn what they are below.

1. Seasonal Rise

Sometimes increased water consumption is a function of seasonal changes. During the summer, for instance, you might take more showers, water the lawn, fill the kids’ wading pool, and wash the car. An increased water bill during the summer might simply result from more water use rather than a leaky appliance. The answer to “why is my water bill too high?” might be that the change in season has led to more water use by your household.

2. Malfunctioning Water Meter

All residences in Ottawa come with a water meter to record water consumption. These meters are usually accurate, but that doesn’t mean they can’t malfunction sometimes. If you have a high water bill, you can request that the city test your water meter. You must make the appointment and foot the bill to conduct the testing.

3. Leaky Toilet

Leaking toilets are nothing new. It happens sometimes, but leaks can result in losing a lot of water. If your water bill has doubled and you suspect the toilet is leaking, check for these signs?

  • Damp floor near the toilet base
  • Cracked porcelain
  • Constantly running water
  • Regular clogging issues
  • Sewage smell

4. Leaky Pipes

If you suspect leaking pipes, you’ll have to be more observant since the pipes are hidden behind the walls. Stay on the lookout for these signs:

  • Water discoloration
  • Peeling and bubbling paint
  • Mould or mildew growth

5. Underground Plumbing Leaks

Do you have an underground plumbing leak? Here are some signs you might have this issue:


  • Dirty water coming from faucets


  • Sinkholes in your front or backyard
  • Certain areas that are unusually wet or mossy.

Underground plumbing leaks necessitate immediate and extensive repair. If you have a broken water line or broken sewer line, get in touch with us at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing right away.

6. Water Softener Problems

If you have an increased water bill, the problem might be your water softener. Look to see if there are any leaks, and check the setting. If the water softener is programmed to regenerate too often, the machine will use more water as it flushes itself. Consult with a technician for help in choosing the most appropriate settings. That might fix your increased water bill problem.

7. Water Heater Leak

Get your water heater inspected regularly. This preventive maintenance will help detect any issues quickly so they don’t spiral out of control. If you have a high water bill in Ottawa, check your water heater for leaks and examine the floor near the water heater.

8. Washing Machine Leak

If you suspect a washing machine leak, check your floor for signs of a leak. The floor around the washing machine might be stained or warped if there’s a leak. Check the water hose behind the washing machine to ensure it’s securely attached.

9. Dishwasher Leak

Do you suspect your dishwasher is leaking? Check the floor for signs of warping or stains. You should also check the walls and cabinetry around the dishwasher for signs of mould. Do you see signs of a dishwasher leak? Stop using the dishwasher, and contact us at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing for kitchen plumbing service.

High Water Bill in Ottawa? Contact Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing

If you have a high water bill and aren’t sure why, contact us at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing. Our licensed plumbers will troubleshoot your plumbing problems, identify the problem, and restore your plumbing system to good working order. We’ve been serving homeowners in Ontario since 1992. Our goal is to help customers with their plumbing needs. We’re doing something right given our many 5-star reviews on Google. When you need our leak inspection services, call Dr. Pipe at 613-791-5777. You can also reach us via or online form or WhatsApp. We’ll be honored to assist you in any way possible!

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!