We’re in the business of developing long-term customer relationships.  At the heart of this is ensuring our customer’s satisfaction.  We realize that if you love us, you’ll recommend us to friends and family.  You will trust us to take care of them.

Here are a few words from some of our satisfied customers. You can see more reviews on HomeStarswhere we have rating 9,6/10 or on Google where we have rating 5/5. 

Last fall, the rain was so bad.  The basement of my old Ottawa house flooded almost immediately.  I was so desperate to find someone to help me deal with the water, and waterproof against future flooding. Dr. Pipe was one of the first numbers I called, and I’m glad I did.  Not only did they clear the water, but they did the waterproofing right, and it didn’t cost a lot.  From the time I called, they did their best to help me relax.  They were fast and reliable, and walked me through the installation of new weeping tiles in my basement.  I haven’t had a single drop of water in my basement since.  Thanks, Dr. Pipe!


When we bought our new house, I called Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing to redo all the plumbing.  They assessed the problems, then fixed them so they wouldn’t happen again.  My neighbors may have wet basements and poor water pressure, but I don’t.  If they ever ask me, I won’t hesitate to recommend this crew.  In fact, I’d vouch for them to anyone.


We needed the pool mechanical room in our house upgraded, so called a number of plumbers to get a quote.  All the other companies quoted at least $75,000, claiming it was “an extremely difficult and complicated project”.  We ultimately hired Max and his team to do the work because they’re quote was more reasonable.  They also provided a breakdown of the quote, so we could see exactly how they came up with their number.  They also reduced our HYDRO, natural gas, and maintenance costs from $2500 per month to a few hundred dollars now.  I’m so pleased we got a quote from them, and used Dr. Pipe for our home. 


My last experience with Dr. Pipe was worth every cent.  When I called about 11pm that night, they answered the phone immediately.  An hour later, they were at my house assessing the situation.  Soon after, we were in my kitchen, discussing their free analysis where they identified the problem.  They gave me a solution that fit my budget.  I was so relieved that something was being done, and by competent professionals like Max and his team.  I chose to have them start working immediately. Our drains were flowing like normal before my kids woke up for school.  If Max comes to your home, you’re in great hands.  He knows his stuff, and he is service oriented.  I recommend Max to everyone now.