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Cast iron pipe descaling Ottawa

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For many generations, cast iron pipes have been a preferred building material in the Ottawa area because they’re long-lasting and durable.

A cast iron plumbing system can last up to 100 years, but a long lifespan requires proper installation and maintenance. That’s why cast iron pipe descaling in Ottawa is so crucial.

As a preferred cast iron pipe descaler in the area, you can trust our licensed plumbing experts for pipe repairs in Ottawa. We offer low-cost, highly recommended plumbing services for cast iron sewer lines or sewer pipes.

We Specialize in Cast Iron Pipe Descaling in Ottawa

If your home or commercial property in Ottawa is 50 years or older, it usually has a cast iron drainage system.

We have years of experience in cast iron drain pipes, and the most common plumbing problems with cast iron include clogged drains or drain blockages. These plumbing issues happen to any drainage system, but damage cast iron more.

Cast iron pipe descaling is crucial in residential and commercial properties. It extends the life of your drainage system and can help you avoid more expensive repairs or a total replacement of your plumbing system.

How a Cast Iron Pipe Descaler Helps Your Plumbing System?

Our cast iron pipe descaling in Ottawa can help your plumbing last longer, and it’s always cheaper to maintain cast iron plumbing than to deal with expensive repairs or replacements.

Over time, most plumbing systems can experience drain clogs from a buildup of nasty debris or sediments, and you’ll notice signs of trouble if there’s a clogged drain, a bad smell, or water pooling around floor drains.

Benefits of Descaling Your Cast Iron Sewer Pipes

Cast iron plumbing problems can be worse and far more expensive when serious damage occurs.

When mineral buildups occur in a cast iron sewer system, the pipes can corrode and cause expensive leaks that eventually damage the pipes beyond repair. 

Descaling Cast Iron Pipes Is Your Affordable Option

Pipe descaling is proven to help cast iron plumbing systems last longer. The best option is always maintenance, not waiting for costly plumbing problems to strike.

Descaling Cast Iron Pipes Can Improve Your Drainage System

Even if you don’t notice a plumbing issue with your drainage system, maintaining your cast iron pipes with descaling will remove stubborn buildup that sticks to the inside of sewer pipes before a plumbing problem occurs.

When all that nasty debris is gone, the inside walls of your cast iron pipes can return to their original diameter, and the capacity of your drainage system improves.

Descaling Cast Iron Pipes Can Be Your Safest Cleaning Method

As experts in pipe repairs in Ottawa, we recommend pipe descaling for older or more delicate cast iron plumbing systems that other cleaning methods can easily damage.

Many property owners believe DIY chemical drain cleaners work best on cast iron plumbing, but the real truth is chemical cleaners are often too harsh for cast iron and can do more harm than good.

How Does Cast Iron Pipe Descaling Work?

Descaling cast iron pipes is not a DIY job, and harsh chemical cleaners can worsen corrosion, leading to cracks and requiring expensive repairs.

Our plumbing company specializes in cast iron pipe descaling, we remove nasty debris or mineral buildup from your plumbing system.

We use special drain camera equipment to inspect your drainage system for plumbing issues. This preliminary camera inspection gives you the best options for servicing and maintaining your cast iron pipes.

We have years of experience as cast iron descalers in Ottawa who can maintain your plumbing system properly and help you save money.

Cast iron pipe descaler Ottawa

Types of Cast Iron Pipe Descaling in Ottawa

Our plumbing services include a descaling process of cast iron pipe, hydrojetting, and pipe repairs in Ottawa, including epoxy pipe relining of cast iron drainage systems.

We have years of experience diagnosing the health of plumbing systems and can determine the right cleaning method for descaling pipes or any plumbing issue.

A gentle method of pipe descaling uses a professional high-speed rotating tool with a soft bristle brush running on a long cable throughout your cast iron plumbing system. This high-speed abrasive tool safely removes buildup with less risk of damage.

Descaling with an abrasive soft-bristled brush is more gentle because it requires only 35 to 45 psi of water pressure. 

Hydro jetting can flush out debris in addition to pipe descaling for newer or stronger plumbing systems. It’s important to know that hydro jetting requires high-pressure equipment that can use up to 4,000 psi of water pressure.

Pipe descaling is also helpful for “prepping” drain pipes and removing buildup before a plumbing system gets repaired.

When Do Cast Iron Sewer Pipes Need To Be Repaired?

Tree roots can cause significant damage to any plumbing system, requiring major repairs or even the replacement of drain pipes or sewer lines.

If you notice a slow drain in your cast iron kitchen sink, it could mean a clogged drain needing pipe descaling or minor repairs.

One of the most cost-effective repair options we can recommend for cast iron pipes is epoxy pipe lining installation, also known as epoxy pipe relining. If your overall plumbing is still functioning well, this can cost less than replacing pipes completely.

Epoxy pipe relining can fix minor damage or corrosion in an existing pipe by creating a “new pipe.” This process involves coating the inside walls of a damaged pipe with epoxy resin.

After the epoxy hardens, it forms a seal over holes or cracks, allowing the pipes to function normally. Epoxy pipe relining is a cost-effective fix for minor damage and also an option to maximize the lifespan of an older cast iron plumbing system.

Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Is Your Cast Iron Pipe Descaler in Ottawa

Our Ottawa plumbing experts help maintain your cast iron plumbing system so it works efficiently and affordably for its entire lifespan. You never need to live with a bad smell or clogged drain again!

With years of experience, we understand how to diagnose plumbing problems and perform crucial maintenance like cast iron pipe descaling to remove nasty debris and improve your drainage system.

You can trust Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing and our licensed plumbing professionals. Our friendly customer service team is here to answer your plumbing questions, make your pipe inspection, and fix any plumbing problem you have with your residential or commercial property.

We serve customers throughout Ottawa. Our service area includes Barrhaven, Carlington, Emburn, Gloucester, Kanata, Nepean, Old Ottawa South, Orleans, and Vanier.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!