Low Water Pressure Problem

Low water pressure can be frustrating.  We understand: we can become irritable too when we can’t take a decent shower.   You never feel quite right especially in the cold Ottawa winters.low pressure Ottawa

Causes of Low Water Pressure

It can be a clogged water filter or flow restrictor.  Your house could be in a bad location relatively to your local water tower. Some other common causes are:

  • Water filters clogged with sand and sediment.
  • A clog or kink located in the primary water line
  • Flow restrictors in showers or taps that are clogged.
  • Water shut off valves set to the closed position.
  • Water pressure relief valves that are faulty.

It’s important to figure out the exact reason(s) for low pressure.  The best case scenario for applying the wrong solution is that nothing changes.  In other cases, you could make the problem worse.

Low Water Pressure Fix

Our expert plumbing professionals can assess the situation quickly.  We begin by using a video scope on the line to view inside the pipe.  It allows us to correctly identify the root cause.  This avoids exploratory searches, saving you time and money.  We can tell you if you need to clear a clog or install a pressure booster.  Never mind the problem, Dr. Pipe knows the solution! 

You can fill out the form on the right to contact us.  If you need faster assistance, grab your phone and give us a call.  We’ll schedule an appointment at your convenience, even if it means as soon as possible.  

Why use us as your Ottawa plumbing company?

Having 20+ years of professional plumbing experience means we’ve seen all sorts of plumbing problems.  Your plumbing situation will probably not be the worst we’ve ever seen.  Whatever the reason behind the low water pressure, Dr. Pipe will diagnose it right and come up with the proper solution.

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