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Whether you’re dealing with a sink or toilet clogged drain in Ottawa, that clogged drain isn’t just a hassle or an inconvenience, it’s a plumbing emergency waiting to happen. These problems can be due to a number of reasons. Some common causes are a collapsed pipe or obstruction in the drain. The best solution for your plumbing is to hire a pipe cleaning service in Ottawa. 

A clog creates standing water that breeds bacteria and mould, and a clog in Ottawa during the colder months can freeze and then burst the pipe or line, costing you thousands of dollars to repair. Sometimes it’s difficult to unclog a drain with DIY methods like baking soda and vinegar mix, hot water, or boiling water.  Adding more water to a clogged drain often increases the risk of a build-up, while research has proven that a fizzy combination of baking and vinegar is ineffective on greasy clogs. 

Many home insurance policies won’t cover the most expensive repairs caused by a bursted pipe because it’s considered a property maintenance issue. As your drain cleaning professional plumber in Ottawa, our plumbing services are highly recommended.  Drain cleaning isn’t simply a preventative solution to unclog a drain. Maintenance should be completed annually and biennially (every two years) to prevent serious issues with your plumbing system or to fix a plumbing emergency now.

Licensed Professional Plumbers for Drain Cleaning in Ottawa 24/7

Professional drain cleaning plumber in Ottawa can unblock drain pipes fast. Whether you need to clean kitchen pipes or a bathroom sink with slow drains caused by a buildup of soap scum or clogged vent pipe, our drain cleaning service from Dr. Pipe uses safe, high pressure tools to push the clog and avoid a plumbing system emergency.

Clog Repair Service Cost from Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing

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Two Different Forms of Blockage

You will be intrigued to know there are different forms of blockage which alter the efficiency of your plumbing system. An obstruction that changes the performance of a single sink is referred to as a “drain clog.” and the other form of blockage, often referred to as “main line clogging”.

1. Drain Clog

Drain clog is often caused by the accumulation of bits of soap, human hair, and other minute substances in the sink channel. Contrary to popular opinion, it is usually a gradual process. Initially, the sink flows poorly and eventually clogs completely.

2. Main Line Clog

Main line clogging can be more severe. It often occurs abruptly without any signs. It is not unusual for just a single drain in your home to stop working; this is typical of the sink clog type of obstruction. However, take caution against assuming it is unconnected with the sewer line since several drains are affected. The fact remains that this problem goes beyond a single sink; rather, it is usually found in the main sewer line of your property.

What Are The Signs That Your Drain Needs Cleaning?

Fortunately, the signs of drain cleaning tend to be fairly obvious.  Your tub may drain slower than usual, or your sink keeps backing up.  If you experience any of these symptoms, you should schedule a sink cleaning today.

Potential Warning Signs for A Clogged Drain:

  • You hear gurgling water down the drain.
  • There are water puddles in your tub, or your sink is pooling water.
  • You’re experiencing issues with invasive tree roots on your property.
  • You try pushing the clog through the drain, but there’s still water buildup.
  • A drain smells funny, or you see fruit flies around the drain.
  • Toilets don’t vacate without multiple flushes.

 You may be thinking of applying a DIY solution from the internet.  However, you’re likely to do more damage this way.  Waiting and hoping the clog disappears on its own is not a viable solution either.  Small clog problems grow into large ones, which can be more expensive with worse damage.

What Can Cause a Drain Block

There are a number of different factors that can cause a drain to become blocked, these include: 

  • Food and waste particles are the main reason for the blockages in your kitchen and bathroom sink drain pipe.
  • Hair and other organic materials are the main sources of drain blockage in your shower and toilet area.
  • Small toys and/or jewelry items can cause your shower or bathroom sink to become blocked.
  • Debris and plant leaves – these are the main source of blockage in your driveway or lawn drainage
  • Broken or poorly installed drain pipes, tree roots, and shifting foundation are some of the other factors that can cause your main drain pipe to become blocked.

How Much Does Cost a Drain Cleaning Service?

Drain line cleaning

The average Ottawa house owner expects to pay $150 to $250 to clear their drain.  The variance in price is due to the type of problem you experience.  Unclogging a laundry run drain cost more than doing the cleaning kitchen drain pipes.  You should also be aware that some plumbers charge by the hour; but not us.  Dr. Pipe Drain & Plumbing Services starts our services at $195.

Our Plumbing Service Fixes Your Clog in Ottawa

In many situations, homeowners need professional plumbing and drain cleaning in Ottawa because pushing the clog away with an ordinary drain snake isn’t effective. Stop briefly and consider the amount of household grease, shampoo and soap scum, and matted hair that could be gathering in your drains. Our drain cleaning service in Ottawa uses high-pressure technology that’s so advanced it wasn’t available to the plumbing services industry ten years ago. Here’s the difference between the various types of plumbing tools that we use and drain cleaning services we propose. 

  • Video Drain Inspection: Our licensed plumbers use flexible and durable waterproof video technology for a precise, real-time diagnosis of any plumbing issues.
  • Drain Snaking: Trust our heavy-duty motorized drain snaking equipment to thoroughly clean your drains and help prevent serious issues that DIY can’t fix.
  • Flex Shaft K-9 204 Drain Cleaning: Let our plumbing experts tackle the toughest drain cleaning jobs with our flex shaft K-9 204 drain cleaning equipment.
  • Dry Shaft Drain Cleaning: Our dry shaft cleaning equipment can effectively remove debris from all kinds of drains.
  • Flex Shaft Roots Cleaning: Our plumbing experts use flex shaft removal tools to clear roots or other obstructions and prevent damage to your plumbing.
  • Flex Shaft Roots Cutting: We also use our flex shaft precision cutting equipment to remove roots and keep your drain lines clear.
  • Hydro Jetting Sewer Pipes: Cleaning sewer pipes isn’t a DIY job. Trust our high-pressure hydro jetting service to effectively remove nasty debris.
  • Hydro Jetting Weeping Tiles: Keep your weeping tiles clean and functional with our thorough hydro jetting service.
  • Power Wash Sewer Lines: Allow our plumbing experts to maintain your sewer lines with a good power washing.
  • Power Wash Weeping Tiles: We can also power wash your weeping tiles, which can prevent blockages and improve drainage.

How Long Does It Take to Fix a Clogged Drain in Ottawa?

Clean out a pipe in Ottawa generally takes a couple of hours with our professional plumbers. However, the situation depends on the severity of your clog and any issues making it worse, like tree roots. Our hydro-jetting equipment takes approximately an hour to remove debris from a drain or sewer line. Then, our professional plumbing technicians do a final sewer inspection with a high-definition camera if it is needed.

How to Prevent Drain Clogs

One of the best ways to prevent clogged/slow drains is to be very careful about what you regularly put into them. Things like starchy foods, coffee grounds, cooking grease, scum, soap, and hair are just some of the things that can result in a major drain block. Make every effort you can to avoid any of these items from getting into your drains; take a look at how you can prevent the clog:

1. Don’t Pour Your Baking Grease Down The Drain

Save all your cooking grease in any cardboard milk container and dispose of it in the trash. Never pour this down the drain. Throw the coffee grounds away into the trashcan as well, or simply add them to the flower beds or even the mulch pile.

2. Сover the Mouth of your Drain With Special Filter

Use a drain or screen-grate to cover the mouth of your drain; this will help minimize problems with soap and hair clogging the drain. Look for a compatible grate and ensure there are no gaps around the edges as the hair can easily slip into the drains from there. Once you get a filter or screen of the right size and shape, it can simply be laid in place.

3. Use Hot Water For Keeping The Drains Clean

Run some hot water through your sink after every use. The hot water keeps all the oils in your food products running smoothly down the drain, instead of building upon the inner surface of the pipes, which tends to make drains sluggish and will eventually lead to clogs.

Why not DIY?

The internet search for how you clear a clogged drain uncovers numerous solutions.  Some of them have better results than others, but none beat calling a licensed plumber. Most people choose the cheapest drain clogging solution. The problem is that the cheapest solution often involves the most risk.  Your $10 solution (that saves $100) is highly likely to cost $1000 if you do it wrong.  This sounds like a terrible bargain if I frame it this way.  Yet, the DIY hacks live on. 

  • DIY clogged pipe cleaner. This is usually some combination of vinegar and hot water.  It’s usually promoted because it uses “natural” chemicals.  Despite its popularity, this method doesn’t actually work. Instead, the vinegar solution can make the situation more expensive to fix.  Vinegar can damage plumbing.  It should not be used as an alternative to plumbing services in Ottawa.  When it mixes with chemicals in your drains, it can be dangerous.  Considering the total costs due to damage, it’s usually cheaper to hire a professional plumber.
  • Snaking it yourself.  How hard can it be to stick an unfolded wire hanger and retrieve the clog?  It’s very hard to not cause unnecessary damage to your pipes.  This is especially true if you don’t exactly know what you’re retrieving. Once again, the better remedy is to call a licensed plumber.
  • Commercial drain cleaner.   Some people trust the store bought solution. They follow the directions carefully as the pour the liquid chemicals down the pipe. However, if the pipe isn’t fully obstructed, the chemicals are less effective.  It may solve the problem for a few days before the symptoms return. Commercial drain cleaners do not resolve the underlying issue.

 The best DIY solutions cannot match a high-quality cleaning of your drain.  If your Ottawa home needs attention, call one of the best plumbing companies in Ottawa.  We offer licensed professionals using the latest technology to diagnose your plumbing issues.  Best of all, our services start at $195.  Call us to see how Dr. Pipe Drain & Plumbing Services can help you today!

Clogged Drain FAQs

  • How Often Do I Get My Drains Cleaned?

 We as drain cleaning specialists in Ottawa recommend drain cleaning maintenance every year on auxiliary drains in a home and a main drain cleaning should be completed every two years. 

  • What Happens to an Unclogged Drain Pipe?

 If a clog happens due to overgrown tree roots, it may free itself after the severe threat from tree roots gets eliminated.  Generally, leaving a clog for too long presents real risks. A clogged drain often worsens, and the drain’s ability to remove water becomes limited, so stagnant water build-up or flooding may occur. 

  • When Is a Drain Replacement Necessary?

 Our professional plumbers can diagnose the stability of your drains and advise when a drain replacement is your best and most cost-effective solution. 

  • Does Plunging Ever Make a Clog Worse?

 Unfortunately, plunging a clog may have the opposite effect on unclogging a drain.  The inadequate pressure from manually plunging a clog can push intact debris further down a drain, making a clogged drain worse. 

  • Will a blocked drain clear itself?

 If your drain is partially clogged and it’s draining slowly, a clog may clear itself up within an hour.  But it can be hard to tell how severe a clog is, and attempting a DIY solution is not recommended when it isn’t draining at all. It’s best to schedule a drain cleaning for preventative maintenance and peace of mind.

Why Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services?

Many companies offer licensed plumbers, but Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services also offers respect for your home and your time as our standard. This means from the time you call us, we are committed to making your entire experience as customer friendly as possible.  We coordinate times that work with your schedule and call when we’re on our way. Our plumbers keep our аreas neat and covered while working.  In our projects, we use the most appropriate solutions to work quickly and efficiently. Our strengths do not only lie in plumbing. We can also help to navigate the insurance companies and city red tape.  You will receive all the necessary permits for our jobs.  We will guide you through the City of Ottawa rebates for which you qualify. Our customers love us, and our work is the best quality.  Stop by our reviews, then give us a call to set up your free, no-obligation inspection.

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Drain Line Cleaning Cost in Ottawa: From $195

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