Drain Cleaning

If you have an older Ottawa home, you may have to deal with clogged drains.  These problems can be due to a number of reasons.  Some common causes are a collapsed pipe or obstruction in the drain.  The best solution for your plumbing is to hire a drain cleaning service in Ottawa.

What are the signs that your drain needs cleaning?

Fortunately, the signs of drain cleaning tend to be fairly obvious.  Your tub may drain slower than usual, or your sink keeps backing up.  If you experience any of these symptoms, you should schedule a sink cleaning today.  

You may be thinking of applying a DIY solution from the internet.  However, you’re likely to do more damage this way.  Waiting and hoping the clog disappears on its own is not a viable solution either.  Small clog problems grow into large ones, which can be more expensive with worse damage. 

How much does it usually cost?

The average Ottawa house owner expects to pay $120 to $140 to clear their drain.  The variance in price is due to the type of problem you experience.  Unclogging a laundry run drain cost more than doing the same for your kitchen sink.  You should also be aware that some plumbers charge by the hour; but not us.  Dr. Pipe Drain & Plumbing Services starts our services at $80.

Why not DIY?

The internet search for how you clear a clogged drain uncovers numerous solutions.  Some of them have better results than others, but none beat calling a licensed plumber.

Most people choose the cheapest drain clogging solution.  The problem is that the cheapest solution often involves the most risk.  Your $10 solution (that saves $100) is highly likely to cost $1000 if you do it wrong.  This sounds like a terrible bargain if I frame it this way.  Yet, the DIY hacks live on.

  • DIY drain cleaner.  This is usually some combination of vinegar and hot water.  It’s usually promoted because it uses “natural” chemicals.  Despite its popularity, this method doesn’t actually work.  Instead, the vinegar solution can make the situation more expensive to fix.  Vinegar can damage plumbing.  It should not be used as an alternative to plumbing services in Ottawa.  When it mixes with chemicals in your drains, it can be dangerous.  Considering the total costs due to damage, it’s usually cheaper to hire a professional plumber.
  • Snaking it yourself.  How hard can it be to stick an unfolded wire hanger and retrieve the clog?  It’s very hard to not cause unnecessary damage to your pipes.  This is especially true if you don’t exactly know what you’re retrieving.   Once again, the better remedy is to call a licensed plumber.
  • Commercial drain cleaner.   Some people trust the store bought solution. They follow the directions carefully as the pour the liquid chemicals down the pipe.  However, if the pipe isn’t fully obstructed, the chemicals are less effective.  It may solve the problem for a few days before the symptoms return.  Commercial drain cleaners do not resolve the underlying issue.

The best DIY solutions cannot match a high-quality cleaning of your drain.  If your Ottawa home needs attention, call one of the best plumbing companies in Ottawa.  We offer licensed professionals using the latest technology to diagnose your plumbing issues.  Best of all, our services start at $80.  Call us to see how Dr. Pipe Drain & Plumbing Services can help you today!

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