Swimming Pool Services and the Benefits

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Swimming Pool Services and the Benefits


Swimming Pool Services in Ottawa

If you are a homeowner with a swimming pool and you reside in Ottawa, you will need to close down the pool on a seasonal basis for the purposes of winterizing it. Here we share with you the basic steps you need to follow to be successful with your pool’s seasonal closing. By following these basic pool-winterizing tips, you can save yourself both time and money in the future.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do when winterizing your pool is to use an air tank to clean out the water lines. You can use pressurized air to force through the lines to free them of any water and potential debris.

Step 2: When winterizing a swimming pool, you will need to plug off all of the lines. You will require different plug sizes to ensure a tight and secure fit in each line: This will help in preventing the backflow of water. Once you have used the air tank to blow out all the airlines, take up the appropriately sized plugs to keep the pool water from entering.

Step 3: After reading the lines, it is time to put winterization chemicals into the pool. You will have to continue this process of adding the appropriate winterization chemicals throughout the winter season (those that are not chlorine specific). Algae do not grow during the winter weather, but the chemicals you put in the pool will help in hindering its growth when the weather warms up and spring returns.

Step 4: Put your pool cover on the pool. When you are getting a pool cover, avoid the mesh covers since they do nothing to stop snow or rainwater from getting inside your swimming pool. They will keep out debris though. Your best bet is one of the many solid covers on the market today, but you will need a sump pump on top of the pool cover to help remove melted snow cover and rainwater from the solid coverage throughout the season.

Adequate winterizing is imperative. You can save money and avoid future hassles by implementing your pool care properly. What is more, if you winterize properly, you will be able to spend even more time enjoying the cool, clear, clean waters of your pool.  Your other option is to call a professional from Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing in Ottawa who can take care of the pool for you.

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