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Sump Pump Basement Ottawa

What you should know about sump pump repair?

There is no escape replacing some necessary things when they are undergoing problems. Your sump pump, for example, may be a tool that you rarely need. But, when winter is back and snow or rain is falling heavily, sump pump is the tool that will rescue you from many possible calamities. It will help you pump away the water before it floods your basement.

However, sometimes there is no need to replace or repair your sump pump, as the problem may be easy to fix. As such, we will highlight some of the common things to try out before considering replacement.

The Float

As the most important function in sump pump, the float is what you should regularly inspect to detect the problem in your sump pump. Its function is the activation of the sump pump to pull away water when it floats up as the water rises. To test it, you can simply pour water into the sump pump pit so that the float rises, then wait for it to trigger it to turn on. The following activation of the sump pump should indicate that the float is functioning as it should.

Cleaning Debris

Often, sump pump can also be hindered from functioning properly when debris is filling it inside. To avoid this, it is recommended to clean its pit from time to time in order to maintain a functioning sump pump.

Checking The Valve

It can be a sign of a valve problem when water does not trigger the sump pump, rather it just returns to the pit. If this is the case, a replacement of the valve is necessary.

Clean the Impeller:

While you may be negligent of regular debris cleaning, some of it can slide past the screen and cause your impeller to stop working properly.

In order to ensure a repair of your impeller, you will be required first to unplug the sump pump to make sure electricity is off. Then, disconnect the sump pump and pull it up from the pit. Finally, clean all the debris from the impeller after you have completely disassembled the sump pump. You can then put the sump pump back to test it again.

Check the Electricity

Although it might appear improbable, electricity issues can occur for multiple reasons, and consequently cause your sump pump not to respond at all. This is why you need to make sure the sump pump is plugged properly, and then you may check the circuit breaker. If you happen to be using ground fault circuit interpreter, ensure that the problem is not in it. As a last chance, you can try resetting the sump pump from the GFCI button.

When you have gone through all of these and nothing worked, then you can be sure that your sump pump needs a complete replacement. In that case, call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services to help with you with your Ottawa sump pump repair service needs.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777  for a free upfront estimate!