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It is best practice for you to include regular maintenance of your home’s pipes and drains and other home maintenance services. Sadly, many homeowners don’t realize or understand the importance of cleaning and maintaining their drain pipes. We will look into five main reasons why cleaning your drain is so essential.

  1. Prevention of clogs.
  2. Prevention of foul odor.
  3. Protection of pipes.
  4. Efficient and fast drainage.
  5. It saves you money.

1. Prevent Clogs

This is the number one benefit of regular drain cleaning. With regular cleaning, you can prevent those annoying clogs from forming in the first place, and you can save money on more costly repairs that can occur if the clog leads to flooding or water damage.

2. Prevention of Bad Odor

You might feel some foul smell throughout your home. If you can’t seem to trace its source, it could be from your drain. The stench filling your home could be because of a blocked sewer system. By contracting professionals to clean your drain regularly, you can prevent the odor from taking over your home and keep it smelling great.

3. Protection of Pipes

By cleaning your drain regularly, you protect your pipes from corrosion and build-up. Far from the existing notion in many people that chemical drain cleaners will keep their pipes clean, a professional pipe cleaning service works best. They use professional equipment like snake drain to remove build-up from the sides of the line.  This keeps them clean, thus protecting them from any damage.

4. Fast and Efficient Drainage

When you have a clean drain, water will flow through it efficiently and faster with the proper pressure. If your sink drains slowly, then your pipes need cleaning. You will thus prevent stagnating or overflowing water. Keeping your lines clear will also prevent backflow from your toilet drains.

5. It Saves you Money

If you factor in the cost of pipe replacement due to damage caused by clogging, it is expensive. Finding the best drain cleaner to do the work regularly will save you lots of money that may arise due to repairs.

Why You Need the Best Drain Cleaner

While there are draining problems that you can easily take care of, some require a professional hand. You might assume that the problem is a little while, in a real sense, there is a more significant issue underlying. You, therefore, need a professional drain cleaner under the following circumstances;

Slow Drain or Standing Water

A slow drain or standing water can be an early sign of clogging, improper drainage system grading, or narrowed pipes caused by a mineral build-up. You need to call in a professional to fix the problem before it escalates to more complex matters.

Major Leak

Have you noticed smelly bubbling water from the ground? You might be experiencing a leak in your drainage system. You need to call in a professional plumber to clear the problem immediately. Such a problem presents a health hazard and requires a significant cleanup.

Multiple Clogs

If your drain has several clogs, then you have a real problem at hand. That may happen due to building-up within the sewer system, which grows over time. As a result, you may have blockages in different areas of your sewer system, causing multiple clogs. You need a professional plumber to use his tools to clear up the mess.

Recurring Clogs

Recurring clogs are commonly seen in bathroom drains like the bathtub shower or sink since hair washes down the drains. You may find yourself constantly removing hair from your drain. That is an indicator that you probably fail in removing them all due to a build-up. Professionals understand how to unclog a drain; let them check it out. 

Foul Odor

A foul odor is probably the first sign you will notice if you have a blockage. Instead of pouring water down the drain, you need to call in a plumber to assess and determine the source and cause of the smell. Then, they will use a sewer camera to inspect the line and clear off the drain.

Why choose Dr.Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services?

As a resident of Ottawa, we offer fast and reliable drain and plumbing services near you. We make use of professional equipment like the snake drain to take care of all your plumbing needs. So whatever your plumbing needs are, we can help you get the problem solved. 

Whether a noisy water heater, clogged drain, or just regular maintenance to keep your pipes and drains working their best, our professionals can get the job done right. So give us a call at Dr.Pipe for all your plumbing needs, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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