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Backwater Valve For New Houses

If your home is in a low-lying area you should be concerned about the municipal sewer lines during periods of significant rainfall. After all, it is possible for these types of lines to become overloaded. In turn, this can lead to an undesired backup. With backwater valve installing Ottawa, however, you will have the ability to prevent significant damage to your property and home.

So what is a backwater valve supposed to do when backwater valve installing Ottawa? This type of valve directs the toxic wastewaters that the lines typically transport from your house to the city sewer lines. This valve is placed on the main pipeline and you find it located outside of the home where the pipe exits the house, under the flooring, or even in the basement.

When your pipes are clog free, running appropriately the valve is open, and allowing the sewer water to move from the house to the city lines without interruption. However, if the line happens to develop a clog or if it begins to back up, the job of the backwater valve is to close off and instantly stop the movement of the sewer water. In this way, the valve keeps the house safe from overflow.

In some cities, a new home has to have a backwater valve installation to meet current building codes. In an older home if one has the expense to do so the backwater valve can be retrofitted. Some cities will give a rebate to a homeowner for installing a backwater valve. You will have to contact your local municipality to discover available programs.

The Backwater Valve Simply Defined – Summary

  • A backwater valve is a gadget you can install on your wastewater line in order to keep the house from flooding in the event of a sewage back up.
  • The valve is put in so it can force the pipe to close when a clog develops or when water starts moving in the opposite way of its natural flow.
  • The backwater valve has to be installed properly so it stops water from back flowing into the home and through electrical outlets in the basement of your home and into tubs, showers, toilets, and sinks throughout the house.
  • If you only have a valve installed, however, those connected weeping tiles to the wastewater line will not be able to drain correctly in the event of a closure of the valve: This makes the water move into the basement up from the drain in the floor.

If you need help with backwater valve installing Ottawa, we highly recommend that you call the licensed plumbing professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. With years of experience and prompt service, you know that you are getting the best possible deal.

Why Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services?

Many companies offer licensed plumbers, but Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services also offers respect for your home and your time as our standard.  This means from the time you call us, we are committed to making your entire experience as customer friendly as possible.  We coordinate times that work with your schedule, and call when we’re on our way.  Our plumbers keep our areas neat and covered while working.  In our projects, we use the most appropriate solutions to work quickly and efficiently.

Our strengths do not only lie in plumbing.  We can also help navigating the insurance companies and city red tape.  You will receive all the necessary permits for our jobs.  We will guide you through the City of Ottawa rebates for which you qualify.

Our customers love us, and our work is the best quality.  Stop by our testimonials page, then give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote for trenchless plumbing in Ottawa.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!