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Ask any homeowner and you are pretty much guaranteed to discover that the very last thing a homeowner ever wants to deal with is a sewer line and a drain backup. Ironically enough, no one wants to deal with a sewer line backup, but such an issue is often easily prevented with a few simple steps. In fact, dealing with limiting one’s potential for a sewer line backup is often a do it yourself issue, and you can save yourself both money and time while avoiding the act of having to call in one of the plumbers in Ottawa. Below we examine a few of the measures you can take to ensure that a sewer backup doesn’t happen.

 Seven Common Indicators of Blogs and Sewer Drain Clogs

  • You note the overwhelming and rather undesirable sewage odor. You also note that the drains in the household are not working properly and have slowed considerably when you attempt to drain your sinks and tub.
  • When you notice several of your in-home fixture are not working properly and are draining slowly or not at all. Alternatively, when you notice your toilet is running or leaking constantly. In fact, keeping a close eye on your toilet can be one of the first indications something is amiss since the fixture is connected to the sewer line directly. Your bathtub and sinks may start to slow when they drain or may not drain at all.
  • Your in home fixtures start doing things that are not normal. For example, if you suddenly drain the bathtub and hear the toilet bubbling or vice versa, there is likely an issue with a clog in your sewer drain.
  • A clog in the sewer line leads to trapped air. The air that is trapped with bubble up in the house, most likely in the toilet or tub. If you note bubbles when you attempt to drain a tub or you see the toilet water bubbling or rising water, there is likely a clog in the sewer drainpipe that needs to be cleared.
  • If when you check a drain clean out you see a blockage you can instantly confirm a clog being caused from a backed up sewer when you see the water coming out of the drain.
  • If you happen to flush the toilet and you suddenly note the back up of sewage in a driveway, patio, basement, or alternative low-lying drain, you have a clog.
  • If you see soapy water come up from the toilet drain or bathtub when the washer is running, it is indicative of a clog.

All of the above issues are a hint that something is amiss with your sewage line and call for immediate investigation into the issue. It is imperative that you remedy an existing issue as soon as possible: Doing so can save you time, money, and extra inconvenience. If you feel you need the assistance of a professional plumber, call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services immediately to get  the necessary repairs underway.

Give us a call today: 613-791-5777 for a free upfront estimate! 

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