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Ottawa pool services

Professionals offering Ottawa pool services make regular pool care recommendations to pool owners to help them protect their investment over the harsh winter months. Once such recommendation held high on the list of must dos is the used of an algaecide. Ottawa pool services pros suggest using a preventative algeastat product and one that can last in the water for a good period of time. The final day of the pool use is when the algaecide should be added to the pool water.

You will need to let the pool pump run for a full day to make sure the product gets circulated through the water. The pump can then be closed down for the season. You can get a product that will work a full three months and this covers a good portion of the winter season. Doing this simple measure keeps green algae build up at bay and it makes it far easier to start up the pool again when warmer weather arrives.

Prevent Freezing by Checking the System

Ottawa pool services pros also advise regularly checking the pipes and any motorized components as winter grows closer. The pump needs to be drained as does the filter and pool heater. If water is left in these parts it will freeze and this can damage the equipment. Make sure the water in the pool is at a level at least six inches below the skimmer. During the winter time you can make it a time to reorganize the pool shed and to rid yourself of old chemicals as you stock up on the new.

When spring arrives, it is time to ensure that trees, foliage, and shrubs are trimmed back. Trim trees back as a precaution and to prevent from putting a hole into the pool’s cover. Remove debris and water that has compiled on top of the cover of the pool before attempting to remove the cover. You can do this with a sump pump or with a shop vac. Then you can take off the cover, clean the material and store it for the following year once it dries.

Use a Safety Cover that Fits Correctly

The pool cover needs to fit right to keep debris and waste from going into the pool. In addition to the right cover, the right chemicals need to be on hand. After a winter, chemical program, a few months before pool opening add a few gallons of a liquid shock. Follow this with a gallon of algaecide one week before you open the pool. Doing all of these steps means all you have to do is vacuum the pool quickly before using it the new season.

Use Powerful Enzyme Chemicals

This method of caring for a pool is not well-known but you will be surprised at how this little-known industry secret helps in caring for your pool. You will want to use an enzyme based solution when the pool is in its off season. You can pour it through a mesh over and use it while the water is still not froze over. The enzymes help to break down any non-living organic materials that get into the water including pollen, bird droppings, bather contaminants and more. It will also help in avoiding that nasty looking ring around the pool that forms at the waterline through the winter season. It makes for a faster reopening of the pool each year.

If you cannot clean your pool for whatever reason or prefer to have a professional do so for you, contact us at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. We will be able to help you resolve many of the issues related to pool maintenance.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!