Plumbing issues do not ever seem to come at a good time.  Emergencies happen whenever: at night, during a holiday when you have guests over, or when you’re rushing or already late.   Plumbing problems may be inconvenient, but paying for them should not be.  That is why we charge the same rate for our services regardless of the day or time.  It doesn’t matter if you call us at noon or midnight, on a weekday or weekend, or New Year’s Day.  We’ll will never charge you a premium or for overtime.

When you need to call an emergency plumber, it’s already a stressful situation.  If a customer has an urgent need for plumbing services, price gouging and surge pricing adds unnecessary trauma to the situation.  We do not charge secret fees, premium charges, or rate hikes in our service quotation.  In fact, if our jobs cost more than we quoted or takes more time than expected, you pay the quoted price.  We don’t add those extras to your bill.

Our services are charged at the same rate 24/7, giving you one less thing to worry about in a plumbing emergency.  This is why Dr. Pipe is one of the most beloved plumbing companies in Ottawa.