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Pipe Relining Process

The older the pipes in your home get, the more issues arise. Pipes can be repaired with relative ease provided you address the situation in a timely manner. Ignore small problems and they become huge and fast. For many years, there have been few options for homeowners in the way of repairs. Those options were costly because you needed heavy-duty equipment to dig up yard and tear out old pipes before putting in new pipes in newly dug up trenches.

Not to mention the landscaping repairs that followed and any repairs brought on by water damage in the home from the initial problem. The repair options of yesteryear were messy, impossible, and aggravating to say the least, so it was natural for a home owner to put off repairs or even the thought of addressing repairs for as long as possible. In addition, long as possible was often too late.

Today there are affordable options that are far more reasonable and you do not have to put off repairs forever for fear of costs and the mess repairs create. Pipe relining is one such option.  There is minimal to no property upset, and only a couple of small holes are all that has needed to repair the pipes. No excavation equipment is needed, and the results of the repair are long lasting. A process is far faster and easier than traditional pipe repair. Your landscape remains lovely and you get to keep your sanity to boot.

Are there advantages associated with pipe relining?

  • The relining process is cleaner than the former methods of pipe repair
  • Less expensive than excavation and pipe install methods
  • Minimal to no property damage, little clean up, small holes only
  • New pipes underneath the home without having to install brand new floors
  • PVC pipes are less durable than the new pipe relining materials
  • Relined with a joint free, root proof piping.

What is the actual process?

The method of install varies. The old pipes are cleared out of debris, roots, and blockages. A liquid is used for the new pipe formation; this liquid cures and hardens to the shape of the old pipes. The holes and cracks are filled in as this happens. The relining is a fiberglass material that makes for smoother water flow without blockages. There is hardly any disruption of the land or the people’s lives living in the home.

Is pipe relining the right process for your needs?

The professionals from Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services are able to visit your Ottawa home to inspect your pipes with a CCTV camera. Our courteous service professionals can identify existing issues with pipes. You can then discuss the right repair methods for your needs and if pipe relining is a possibility for you.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!