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Common plumbing concerns

Residents of Ottawa will typically face five of the most common plumbing issues: The same issues that many homeowners face at one time or another over the course of home ownership. The most common plumbing concerns include the following:

1. One or more leaking faucets

Picture it; you are exhausted. You have worked all day long and now the moment you have longed for, the opportunity to crawl into bed and fall asleep, has finally arrived. You are more than ready to put your head on that pillow and sleep as if you have not slept in years. You lay down and when you still yourself, the room becomes silent. Except for the sound coming from the bathroom faucet, “tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.” You try desperately to ignore it, but the more you try, the louder that leaking faucet you have not had a chance to fix seems.

Taking care of a leaking faucet as soon as possible is important. The drip can cost you a considerable amount of money if you have a water bill. If the faucet leaking is an issue, it may be time to replace an old washer, so it is a pretty easy fix.

2. When the water in the toilet continues to run constantly

Ever notice you can still hear the water running after you have flushed your toilet? While it is normal for the water to run for a couple of minutes as the toilet fills with water, it is not normal for the water to run non-stop. When a toilet starts running, it is often indicative of an issue related to the flapper valve not working. The flapper valve is located inside the toilet’s tank and is what allows water to move from the tank to the bowl. Other issues that cause the toilet to leak is, one, when the fill tube loosens and two, there is an imbalance in the toilet’s float.

The above-mentioned plumbing problems are simple to repair without having to call in a pro, but if you address the simple plumbing issues and trouble is still brewing, you need to get hold of a professional to help you get the repair done correctly. Alternatively, you can opt to try another measure on your own by starting to run a snake through the toilet in order to clear the clog.

3. When the toilet clogs

 If you put something in the toilet that is too big to make it through the pipes, the toilet clogs.  Of course, it is a simple fix for the most part, with the use of a plunger.  If, however, after you have tried to use a plunger to resolve the issue and if you find that the plunging is not fixing the issue, you might want to try using a snake tool that will help you navigate into the pipes to try to release any clog. If, following the use of a plunger and snake, the toilet is running, the toilet still runs, that is when you will have to admit defeat and call in a pro.

4. When the water pressure is insufficient

Ever hop into the shower looking to have that hot blast of water massage your achy muscles only to discover just how quick that rush of water turns to a trickle?  There is nothing more frustrating than weak water pressure.  The problem with weak water is one of two things: Someone is either running water in some other location in your house – this makes the faucet work harder due to the double draw on the water. If no one is using the water while you have the shower running, the slow trickle of water is due to the accumulation of lime scale.  You will have to remove the showerhead and make use of a descaling product for soaking the showerhead so you can unclog it.

5. One or more clogged drains

Have you ever washed your dishes only to find that sink full of nasty dishwater will not go down the drain?  Maybe you have been in the bathroom and you just finished your skin care regimen and the sink full of water remains, despite you having pulled the plug. In both scenarios, the plumbing issue is the same: A clogged drain. The causes of clogged drains vary: Perhaps something fell into the sink opening and the pipe that is now contributing to the clog.  Maybe it is a grease clog.  You may have tried to put something down the drain that is too small for the pipe opening so you are looking at a clogged sink.

Either way, the repair requires clog removal. You can sometimes clear up the issue with a plunger: The suction from the plunger helps in moving whatever is stuck in the pipes.  You should fill the sink with some water when you attempt to use the plunger.  The air pressure from the movement of the plunger forces the water down toward the clog and can help free the blockage. If you notice that these issues are causing problems for you, call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services!

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!