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Clean water Ottawa

Not too many are aware, but every day, precious gallons of water are being washed down our drains. The impending crisis of water shortage is already affecting half of the world. There are many things that one can do to conserve water and help to make a real impact when it comes to this issue. Green plumbing is not in focus by consumers, where the effort for conservation begins with the plumbing layouts and the design itself. There is a reason that blocked drains Ottawa are common – we use too much. Be prepared to be offered maximum efficiency and the minimum wastage of energy. All it takes is time, effort, and money. It’s time that we all start to make a change and make significant savings when it comes to water usage. We have tips to help you get started listed below for your convenience.

Water Heaters

One way to help save some money is by lowering the water temperature on a day to day basis. This is effective in significantly decreasing your electric bill. Be sure to check the temperature on the heater. It should not be over 50 degrees Celsius. This will decrease the mineral buildup and corrosion of your water heater and pipes, which will lead to your heater lasting a lot longer. If tank-less, instantaneous heaters, or even solar heaters, are practical options to your traditional ones. The heater must be insulated if not done already. In doing so, you can reduce your wastage of energy by up to 9 percent. Tank-less heaters are great because you are saving energy by only heating up the water that you need.


If you are not already familiar, the duel flush toilet gives you the option to decide on the right amount of water. About 28 gallons of water per day, per person, so you can see why this is such an incredible way to save water. Waterless urinals have been made available. These urinals are odorless, while the composting ones only change waste into fertilizers and manure.

Fix Leaks

One mistake some people make is waiting until later to repair their faulty pipes and leaking faucets. Very important to maintain, yet it is often over-looked. Many are unaware of the water that they waste. If you notice that your water bill has some unusual usage, be sure to arrange for an inspection for your faulty plumbing as soon as possible. You are also able to purchase a leak monitoring device that will alert you in a timely manner when there happens to be a leaky faucet, pipe, or toilet. Once a leak is found, call a plumber to have it fixed before too much water is wasted. One trick is to drop food coloring into the toilet tank to help detect your leak. If you see the color in your toilet when you haven’t even flushed, then yes, it is leaking. If the problem is structural, you might need drain relining in Ottawa.

Aerator Faucets and Low Flow Shower Heads

If you are using these type of shower heads, it is likely that you will not even be aware of the difference. Your water will be lower even though the pressure of the water feels the same. An effective trick is taking a 5-minute shower instead of taking a bath. Needless to say, be sure to not have water running unnecessarily, like when taking baths, brushing your teeth, shaving, washing your vehicle, etc.

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