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Homeowners who are not overly concerned with flooding or who never experienced a flood before think to themselves why waterproofing is important? Someone might say I’ve owned a home for ten years now and haven’t experienced an issue, isn’t it all just a waste of time? The answers to a question like why waterproofing is important are myriad, and in fact, the process is not only important but a vital step in the protection of a homeowner’s investment.

Why Waterproofing Is Important

When everything is going great and no repairs are required it is all too easy to slip into complacency and only focus on making a home look good without giving thought to the very basic maintenance that every home requires. Waterproofing your home is one of those major important basics. The foundation of your home needs constant monitoring because it is often exposed to underground water. The water can seep through the foundation and cause cracks in the walls of the structure.

In addition to cracks, mold can form on the wall and thereby threaten the health of those who live in your home. Finally, without adequate waterproofing in place, you might end up with a real flood on your hands that ends up destroying your property as well. With proper waterproofing, you can ward off the damage from natural erosion.

Waterproofing the Foundation

You want to make sure the foundation of your home is literally impermeable to the elements. You want no water to get into the basement whatsoever as any water contact can start the erosion and destruction process. Any area that will allow water to enter must be waterproofed or filled. There are different methods of waterproofing the area, with two chief types including the interior and exterior waterproofing methods.

Both have advantages and disadvantages; however, external or exterior waterproofing is an excellent means of ensuring that the home has a solid and beautiful erosion free foundation in the years to come. When waterproofing the exterior, you can keep the foundation dry and in good condition. Yes, the foundation will get wet if there is water, but the waterproofing stops the water from moving through cracks and getting into the foundation to cause erosion.

It’s an excellent idea to talk with a pro about the waterproofing you require – this will ensure the project is done correctly and that no expense is wasted in the process of getting the entire basement waterproofed. You can hire the professionals from Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing who can tell you about your options and who is willing to give you a good price quote for your waterproofing needs.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!

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