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Give us a call today: 613 791 5777  for a free upfront estimate!Trenchless Sewer Replacement vs Traditional

Main Differences between Trenchless Sewer Replacement vs Traditional

#1.Speed of Process

When it comes to speed and replacing a sewer, trenchless sewer replacement is much faster than traditional sewer replacement. When utilizing trenchless sewer replacement, a pulling machine is used to pull the new pipe throughout the old pipe. Whereas, the traditional replacement will require digging up the pipe and completely replacing this. This process of total replacement is going to be very dependent upon the weather and whether it is good enough to dig and undergo the pipe replacement. Whereas, trenchless sewer replacement is not as reliant upon the weather as much.

#2.Cost of Replacement

If you are considering the cost of sewer replacement, you are going to find that this can be a quite expensive process. However, the method that you choose can vary the cost and in many situations the variance can be rather dramatic. The main variance that you will see in cost is going to depend upon just how much line is needed. Realistically having to replace 10 feet of line is going to be cheaper than having to replace 100 feet of line. However, you will also find that the trenchless sewer replacement is less expensive in the long run than when compared with traditional sewer replacement.


One of the issues that people have with sewer replacement is the damage that this does to their property. After all, traditional sewer replacement includes digging up the yard, driveway or anywhere else in which this pipe may be broken or damaged. Flowers or trees may have to be removed to access these lines. This does also factor into the cost. Trenchless sewer replacement is less invasive when compared to traditional methods. With this procedure, your yard is not disturbed as much, flowers and trees are often left to bloom and grow in peace. A huge plus for property owners!


For those who are worried about the effect that sewer replacement has on the Earth, they are going to find that trenchless sewer replacement is considered a green technology. Since this method does not tear up the ground as much and is all about minimizing the effect on the ground, it is the greener option. IN addition, trenchless replacement often results in a better water flow thanks to the smaller pipe joints. Traditional replacement often results in damage that takes a year or more to repair to look as it did beforehand. The best option is by far, trenchless sewer replacement.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777  for a free upfront estimate!