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Drain relining

If the sewer line from the city sewer hookup or your septic tank to your home has a problem it will need replacement. The length of the pipe is determined by measuring from the wall where the sewer line enters the home to the sewer hookup or septic tank. While it is recommended that you hire professionals to replace the sewer line, it is possible for some handier individuals to perform a sewer pipe replacement themselves.

1.Sewer Pipe Replacement in Ottawa

 Before you get to digging there is some preparation work you’ll need to take care. First, find out what the local plumbing codes are:

  • Required depth requirement for sewer line
  • Required pitch of pipe
  • Obtain permits if necessary
  • Have the underground dig authority or local government mark out underground utilities so you do not accidentally dig them up
  • Rent a backhoe if the line is too deep and far to dig by hand


Remove the soil and earth covering your existing, broken sewer pipe. If you are replacing the entire length of the pipe, you will need to uncover the entire pipe. If you are just doing a sewer pipe replacement in an area where it is broken, you can dig just that section of the pipe.

3.Remove Existing Pipe

 Next, you’ll cut out the damaged piece of pipe and remove from the ground. You will probably need help with this step as it can be quite heavy, depending on how much of the pipe you must remove!

4.Install New Sewer Pipe

After the old pipe has been removed, you can start installing the new sewer line. It is important to ensure the ground is pitched appropriately according to your local government’s requirements. Some areas will require a ¾ of an inch pitch for every four inches of pipe, for example. It varies from one location to another, so it’s important to verify the pitch and to correctly pitch the pipe to ensure the waste is carried out and away from your home. You will also need to pass an inspection.

Call for an Inspection

Call the authorities and request an inspection of the sewer line or drain scoping Ottawa. The plumbing inspector will make sure the pipes are pitched correctly before you can rebury them in the ground. If they have not been placed correctly, the pipe will need to be reinstalled before you can bury and begin using the new line.

While some people are capable of a DIY sewer line replacement – most homeowners find they need to hire professionals to get the job done timely and correctly.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!

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