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Tips for pets owners

If you are a pet owner, you might actually be surprised that your pet can have an impact on your plumbing system. What’s more, your plumbing system may actually have an effect on your pets. It is not something many pet owners consider, but it is wise to do so because it can mean the correct operation of your plumbing system and the health of your pet.

Pet Tip #1 – Make Your Home Pet Proof

If your pet is caged and small, keep drains covered on the lower level floor.

Pet Tip #2 – Put Pressure-Balancing Valves On The Showerheads And Faucets

If you bathe your pet in your bathtub or sink, having pressure-balancing valves can protect your pet from accidental exposure to scalding hot water. It also illuminates the issue where the water turns scalding hot when you are in the shower and someone flushes the toilet or turns on the water in the sink.

Pet Tip #3 – Toilet Lid Down

There is more than one reason to keep the lid down on the toilet if you are a pet owner. We already know that, for women in particular, getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and to not realize the seat is up, well, it is a formula for some serious frustration. However, leaving the lid up all day will allow pets to get into the toilet water too, and if you use harsh chemicals and cleaners in the toilet, it can get your beloved pet sick.

Pet Tip #4 – Use Strainers Or Drain Stoppers If Giving Pets A Bath

Doing so allows you to keep pet hair from clogging up the drain after you bathe your beloved pet.

Pet Tip #5 – Avoid Clogs – Cat Litter Is Not Meant For The Toilet

The only thing that should go down a toilet when you flush it is toilet paper and flushable waste. Cat litter is not considered flushable waste.

Pet Tip #6 – Have Knowledge Of How Deep Your Waterlines Run

If you have one or more dogs that love digging holes and burying bones, keep an eye on where they are digging and how deep they dig. Some pipes are underground a mere foot and a half.

If you did not implement these tips yet and you are dealing with a resulting clog, you can call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing. They will be happy to assist you when you need your drain unclogged or need other plumbing advice/assistance.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!