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Drain and sewer repair

We are happy to help you with all the drains in your household when you require drain repair in Ottawa, from bathroom to kitchen sink and more. As you examine the layout of your house you will find more than a couple of trains that may require care or repair. They should be kept free of debris and in working order always to protect your home from water damage. Dr. Pipe serves as your plumbing professionals with the knowledge, skills, training, and expertise to give you a full and affordable range of drain care and repair solutions. Our services include all the following and so much more:

  • Bathroom Sink Drains: We service all the drains in the home, from unclogging to full repair. Whatever your drain repair in Ottawa needs are. Of course, one of the most common places to develop problems is in the bathroom drain. We can help remedy slow water draining caused by pipe clogs created by grime, soap, toothpaste, and other product accumulation inside the pipework. If you drop something down the drain we recommend turning off the water immediately and that we may be able to help you retrieve what is lost.
  • Floor Drains: You may have a drain in your driveway, garage, patio, laundry room, cellar, or basement and sometimes older bathrooms feature a drain in the floor to allow any excess water to drain away. We can care for all the latter drain types in your home. Sometimes these drains have a trap that needs to have water in it to keep foul sewer odors from emerging. The drain should always be kept clear as well as cleaned regularly to help in terms of clog prevention in the future. We recommend that you make a schedule to clean your drains on a consistent basis.
  • Kitchen Drains: Food, waste, soap and grease can clog a pipe quickly and quite solidly! You may need a pro to get the gunk out of the pipe and to get things up and working once again.
  • Shower/Bathtub Drains: When you bathe or shower, the water should move down the drain quickly. If it slows, there is likely a partial clog, and if it stops, you have a full clog. A clog can be created by hair, soap, and other items going down the drain and these drains will require a good cleaning to repair the outflow of waste water.
  • Toilet Drains: Flushing items that do not disintegrate like toilet paper will cause a clog: Such items include baby wipes and facial tissues.

If you are still not convinced, call them today and find out why so many have been satisfied customers in the Ottawa region.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!