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If you have ever experienced the problems that come with Ottawa basement flooding, you know the disastrous effects that flooding can have on your basement and the overall structure of your home. If you want to reduce the risk of Ottawa basement flooding, there are a number of different things that you are able to do. These are some of the best tips that come directly from the qualified professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain And Plumbing.

Reduce The Risk Of Storm Water Flooding

If you want to reduce the overall risk of storm water flooding, these are some of the most important steps that you have to go through:

  • Check for leaks in the foundation, windows, floors, and walls. Make sure that any leaks are repaired entirely.
  • Make sure that the ground slopes away from the exterior walls of your home by improving your lot grading.
  • Make sure that you are not accidently creating a dam (that retains the water next to your house) because of the borders around shrub and flower gardens.
  • Make sure that you remove leaves (and other debris) from your downspouts and your eaves. troughs. Make sure that your downspouts are working properly and they are directed at least six feet away from the home.

Reduce The Risk Of Sewage Water Flooding

The last thing that you want to deal with is raw sewage during a Ottawa basement flooding. These tips are going to help you prevent issues with sewage water:

  • If you have your downspouts connected to the sanitary sewer system, make sure that you disconnect them.
  • Install a sump pit with an automatic sump pump if you want to make sure that drainage is removed properly.
  • Make sure that the drainage from your weeping tiles is not directed towards the sanitary sewer system.
  • Make sure that you use backwater valves on your sanitary sewer lateral inside the basement. This is going to help reduce the risk of sewage in your basement during a Toronto basement flooding. It is a good idea to have a professional complete this step, especially because these backwater valves are going to play an important role during an actual Ottawa basement flooding.
  • Make sure that you regularly inspect floor drains, sump pumps, and backwater valves to make sure that they are working properly. Regular inspections and maintenance can make all the difference.

Make sure that you do not subject your house drains to kitchen grease, because once it reaches your plumbing system, the grease is going to solidify. This is only going to work to increase the odds of a Ottawa basement flooding.

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