Why You Should Install Backwater Valves In Ottawa

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Backwater valve installation

Backwater valve installation

For anyone living in an area prone to flooding or in regions where the landscape consists of low-lying terrain, it may be time to consider whether it would be beneficial to have a backwater valve installed. If you do not know exactly what this kind of valve does, you might be uncertain as to why to install backwater valve options in the first place. The installation of such a valve is definitely advantageous. After all, installing the correct backwater valve could mean the difference between a basement that is totally dry and clean and one that is flooded with odorous, foul sewer waste. So, what is a backwater valve?

Backwater valves and the advantages

It makes no difference how beautiful, clean, well-designed, or organized your home is, if your home smells of foul sewer waste, it is a guarantee you will lose any kind of ambiance and feel good vibes you are attempting to evoke. While it is impossible to prevent every instance of flooding, especially if you live in a low-lying area, you can be ready for such calamitous conditions with the installation of a quality backwater valve. With a valve in place, you will be able to minimize problems related to sewage entering a basement area.

The proper installation and different types of valves

For the purposes of preventing sewage backflow, you can install a valve on a drain or sewer line that is located in the basement or the foundation of the building. When it comes to your choice of backwater valves, there are many, with the variations appearing in the complexity, ease of use, and seal tightness.

The check valves are easy to use: This is where the sewage waste will flow out of your home, and after successful waste removal, the valve shuts to prevent sewage backflow. When comparing gate valves to check valves, you will find that the two options really differ in the degree of complexity associated with them. The gate valve, for instance, is definitely the valve with greater complexity, and the valve will require manual intervention as flooding occurs. The gate valve gives you a far tighter seal than the one associated with check valves.

Getting it done the right way

Admittedly, many problems can arise if you do not have backwater valves installed in your home. It’s just good sense to take the extra measure of protecting your home from potential flooding with the simple installation of the appropriate valves that can prevent damage to the home. The sooner you have valves installed, the better. That is why so many prefer to rely on the professional help of Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing in Ottawa.

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