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Bathroom Renovation Cost

When you wander throughout the aisle of your favorite store, you often get to observe that the renovation of the bathroom per square foot costs way more than just about any other area in the house. There are a lot of aspects to be considered like a combination of moisture-wicking, plumbing, electrical wiring, and decorating. These make for quite an expensive washroom renovation in Ottawa. We are going to look at what determines the prices of the washroom redesign in 2024.

What To Consider While Renovating a Bathroom

Are you interested in learning about the shower remodel cost or the labor cost to remodel a bathroom? 

It’s not as easy as you might think to calculate the cost of a washroom renovation project. You’ll want to consider things like the following before starting a budget bathroom renovation or a more upscale bathroom remodeling project:

Size: Before you do anything else, you’ll need to calculate your bathroom’s square footage.The larger the bathroom, the more things like fixtures, tiling, flooring, and painting will cost you.

Your sense of style: Your sense of style will also influence the cost to renovate a bathroom. If you have tastes that are on the upscale side, then you can expect to pay a premium. If you’d rather keep costs as low as possible, you can forego high-end products and instead go with lower-cost products. 

Scope: Exactly how extensive will your bathroom renovation project be? You might be interested in overhauling the entire bathroom space. This could include possibly moving some structures to different areas of the bathroom, updating the vanities, getting new tiling, and more. You might rather want to make a few changes like upgrading your bathroom vanity, bathtub, or fixtures. You’ll want to consider what you want to get done so you can create a realistic budget.

Materials quality: The quality of the materials will factor into the bathroom remodel cost. You’ll get to choose the tiling, vanities, shower, bathtub, countertop, and other things. While you don’t have to get the most expensive products, you probably won’t want to go with the cheapest either. You’ll want to ensure that you get good value so that the products hold up well over time.

Electrical and plumbing: Do you need to have plumbing work done in order to relocate a toilet, shower, or tub? Will you require electrical fixtures to be installed? These types of projects will add to your renovation budget. The amount will depend on things like how extensive the plumbing or electrical work is. You’ll want to hire a licensed contractor to perform the work. In the Ottawa area, you can expect to pay in the range of $85 to $150. When you contact a remodeling specialist, the professional will typically include sub-trades expenses in the quote.

Average Cost for Bathroom Remodeling

When looking at a bathroom remodeling project, the average cost is estimated to be approximately $10,000. The figure is likely to rise to $15,000 for a massive comprehensive bathroom remodel. You should expect to easily go over $50,000 if you need a large master bath remodel.

How much is bathroom renovation? How much does it cost to redo a bathroom? The answer depends on, among other things, the complicity of the project. You can expect to pay between $6,000 and $15,000 for a thorough remodeling project that includes replacing appliances, walls, and fixtures.

When it comes to the cost for your project, labor expenses can actually eat up any 40% to 65% of your renovation budget. Things like the area you live in will factor into how much labor costs. Keep in mind that living in an area with a higher cost of living translates into higher labor costs. Getting bathroom renovations in Ottawa is a worthwhile investment if you’re a homeowner. 

It is always a good idea to ask for a total estimated figure that you get from bathroom contractors and see where that money is going. If you understand the breakdown of the different costs, it allows you to choose the best bid with the best value. 

Bathroom Renovation Expenses for Plumbing Installations

You can see that many things determine the bathroom renovation cost. The chart below shows the expenses of medium-grade materials that you can usually get from home improvement businesses. If you opt for higher-end and custom products like stainless steel or granite, the cost of bathroom renovation can end up being two or three times more. 

ProjectProductsLaborRemoval & DiscardingTotal Cost
Bathtub Installation$525 – $1,310$589 – $786$65 – $393$1,179 – $2,490
Countertop Installation$131 – $1,310$65 – $196$6 – $39$203 – $1,546
Flooring Installation$78 – $170$458 – $851$39 – $786$576 – $1,808
Lighting Fixture Installation$65 – $157$196 – $288$6 – $13$268 – $458
Shower Installation$458 – $589$458 – $589$39 – $65$956 – $1,310
Sink Installation$100 – $250$300 – $350$15 – $95$415 – $695
Toilet Installation$131 – $655$458 – $589$13 – $26$602 – $1,271
Remodeling your bathroom is a good idea. It’ll increase the value of your home, which is most likely your biggest investment. You’ll also find more enjoyment in your property when you do any work that makes it more functional.

How much you spend will depend on many factors such as how extensive the project is. Your best bet is to work with reputable contractors who’ll be able to complete the project at a cost you can afford.

If you want to make sure that you are lowering the washroom renovation cost where possible, contact us at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. We are qualified professionals who have done countless renovations and remodeling, and can help you with your next washroom renovation in Ottawa. Check here the relevant plumber rates.

Guide to Bathroom Renovation Costs in Ottawa

This bathroom renovation cost guide will help you plan a partial or whole bathroom renovation without the stress and confusion of wondering where to start.

If you’re thinking about smaller bathroom renovations, like how to install a bathroom sink in an existing bathroom, we’ll tell you what you can expect to pay, too.

We’ll give you tips and advice on:

  • Why hiring a bathroom renovation contractor is a good idea
  • Labour costs and installation costs
  • The overall cost of bathroom renovation projects
  • Ensuring a cost-effective bathroom renovation in Ottawa.

Deciding to remodel your bathroom can increase your home’s value, and understanding any bathroom installation cost is a good idea because the best home renovations are an even better investment.

Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Knows Bathroom Renovation Costs

We understand bathroom renovation costs in Ottawa, and we make renovating a bathroom easier. Costs depend on the type of bathroom (whole, partial, or renovating existing bathrooms), so let’s check out typical bathroom installation costs.

Cost to Install a Bathroom Sink and Faucet Installation

Installing a bathroom sink or a new faucet can be an economical renovation project that’s visually pleasing and more functional, especially when old, rusty faucets no longer work properly.

A licensed contractor is your best bet for any bathroom renovation project. It’s much safer to hire a professional to measure your space correctly, install cabinetry and a bathroom mirror, connect the drainage properly, and do a full clean-up afterward.

  • Installing a bathroom sink is considered a new bathroom cost or an update to an existing bathroom to ensure a fully functional sink. Expect to pay between $500—$1,500, depending on the type of bathroom renovation project.
  • Faucet installations depend on the number of faucets installed in a new or existing bathroom. The most economical way to do the job right the first time is to hire a licensed contractor. Expect to pay between $200 – $900.

Cost to Remodel Your Bathroom With a New Shower

When you want to install a new shower, it’s a good idea to understand how labour costs differ from installation costs. 

There are many shower fixtures and combinations to choose from, and we can assist you in selecting attractive fixtures that are long-lasting and worry-free. Expect to pay between $2,000 to $3,500 for shower fixtures. 

The type of bathroom also affects the cost. For example, renovating an existing powder room into a full ensuite means new square footage, walls, flooring, and fixtures, which are all installation costs.

Cost to Remodel Your Bathroom With a New Tiles

A whole bathroom renovation generally involves new flooring and wall tiles. So, when renovating a bathroom, cost out the options available because there are many possibilities depending on the type of bathroom.

You can choose from cost-effective flooring and wall tiles, including porcelain, ceramic, or slate vinyl. There is also marble, limestone, pebble, mosaic, and terracotta for floors and walls, as well as glass wall tiles.

A licensed bathroom renovation contractor will accurately measure your space and give you an estimate for labour costs and installation costs. 

Depending on the measurements, you can expect to pay $5,000 for cost-effective tile materials based on your material choices. 

Cost to Remodel Your Bathroom With a New Toilet

A new toilet is a good idea, but it’s not one of those home renovations that’s easy to accomplish.

The best way to install a new toilet in Ottawa is to hire a licensed, professional bathroom renovation contractor to connect the water supply and drainage without damaging pipes and causing costly leakages or messy sewage backups.

Expect to pay up to $1,000.

Cost of a Whole Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa

A new bathroom cost typically refers to the overall cost of a bathroom renovation to create a brand-new 3-piece (or more) bathroom or to convert a two-piece existing bathroom (powder room) into an area with a toilet, sink, and shower or tub.

A licensed and professional bathroom renovation contractor will measure the area, assist you in choosing fixtures, and provide you with a detailed estimate of labour costs and installation costs.

A whole bathroom renovation lasts one to two weeks. 

Expect to pay up to $55,000 for a whole bathroom renovation in Ottawa.

Factors Affecting Bathroom Renovation Costs in Ottawa

As the highest-rated bathroom renovation contractor in Ottawa, Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing knows the overall cost to remodel your bathroom depends on three important factors.

Here’s what to know:

1. Bathroom Size

Let’s use a townhouse in Ottawa as our example of a new bathroom cost budget.

On average, a condo or townhouse design includes two full bathrooms and a main-floor powder room.

The overall cost of a bathroom renovation in Ottawa depends on the size of an existing bathroom or whether a powder room gets converted into a 3-piece as part of a bathroom renovation project.

Another consideration for many homeowners in Ottawa is a whole bathroom renovation in an unfinished basement area.

2. Bathroom Renovation Tasks

The number of tasks required will affect labour costs for any bathroom renovation.

A bathroom renovation contractor should explain to you in full whether you will require a partial or whole bathroom renovation:

  • During a partial renovation, your bathroom renovation contractor may install a bathroom sink or tub, replace the flooring, or paint the ceiling and walls.
  • A whole bathroom renovation involves all the above tasks and more, whether it’s a new bathroom cost or upgrading an existing bathroom.

Sometimes, homeowners think a partial renovation of an existing bathroom is the most cost-effective and hassle-free solution to renovate a little bit at a time.

However, a licensed and experienced bathroom renovation contractor may discuss a whole bathroom renovation with you because it can save you considerable time and money in labour and installation to plan a bathroom renovation project in full.

Partial renovations become more expensive because different subcontractors often have to get involved at various times. There can also be delays in obtaining materials and scheduling the time to complete the job in pieces.

If you’re uncertain, Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing can help you design a bathroom renovation plan that works for you!

3. Bathroom Installation Cost for Moving Plumbing

When a bathroom renovation in Ottawa requires the moving and relocating plumbing lines, it is a major renovation that can disrupt the flow of water or electricity unless the job is done properly by professionals.

A licensed contractor is necessary for complex home renovations, such as moving plumbing, which can be dangerous if done incorrectly.

Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing is the highest-rated bathroom renovation contractor in Ottawa. We specialize in cost-effective, major bathroom renovations involving water supply pumps, electrical wires, and drain pipes under floors and behind walls. 

Bathroom Renovation in Ottawa — Step-by-Step Guide

These five bathroom renovation steps can make the process more time-efficient and cost-effective.

Discuss these steps with your bathroom renovation contractor and keep track of labor and installation costs so your renovation budget stays in line.

Step 1: Create a bathroom renovation task list

It’s much easier to plan and budget for a whole bathroom renovation or an update to an existing bathroom when you list what you’d like done and can visualize how you want your new bathroom to look and function. 

Step 2: Scheduling Demolition and Cleanup

A crucial step in home renovations is demolishing the old space and cleaning it in preparation for a new bathroom. 

Your licensed bathroom renovation contractor must have experience in safe and efficient demolitions without damaging the space.

Step 3: Necessary Repairs Before New Drywall and Flooring

Much of the labour costs for a bathroom renovation go to fixing the space after the demo and preparing for new drywall, ceilings, and flooring. This process requires experienced bathroom renovation professionals and takes a few days to complete.  

Step 4: Install a Bathroom Sink, Tub or Shower, Toilet, and Lighting Fixtures and Vanity Furniture

This is another complex step for your bathroom renovation contractor to complete. Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services are fully licensed and experienced in coordinating the installation of all fixtures and furniture in a bathroom renovation. 

Step 5: Bathroom Renovation Clean Up 

Many clients cannot believe how much mess and debris gets created by a bathroom renovation! Dr. Pipe properly disposes of all old or demolished materials and does a final clean-up so your new bathroom renovation is beautiful and ready to enjoy.

Bathroom Renovation Costs in Ottawa — Things to Remember

Knowing bathroom installation costs is an excellent idea and the best way to start planning a bathroom renovation!

In addition to being cost-effective, remember that the cost and availability of materials, the amount of usable space, and the time needed to complete the job can affect the overall cost of an existing bathroom or whole bathroom renovation.

Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing assists with budget, cost estimates, and timelines throughout your entire bathroom renovation. We are your bathroom renovation contractor in Ottawa for a stress-free experience and a new bathroom you will love!

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!