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Drain Pipe Relining

Hundreds of Ottawa homeowners call professional plumbers in the city every single day. They are often upset, stress, or even panicked because they are dealing with a blocked sewer pipe or drain. The homeowners always say the same thing – they never see it coming. It is not at all unusual for a homeowner to be surprised when drain and sewer problems develop, and by the time the issue is realized, the damage is already done. With proper and prompt attention you can reline the pipes and, in doing so, prevent damage in the future as well.

Drain Issues and Identifying Them 

Slow Drainage: When the bathtub, shower, and sink suddenly slow down when you attempt to drain them, this is an obvious sign of an issue with a blockage. In the event of water backup in a shower, the water can overflow onto the floor. The problem will worsen the longer the blockage exists. The minute you see an issue with slow drainage of your shower, toilet, or sink, call one of the professionals in to help.

Visible Blockages: A drain clog, no matter how small, is a problem you should always take seriously. Soap residue and hair can end up developing into a mass that is a sizable blockage. Since the blockage makes it impossible for the water to pass through the pipes, it will backup and come back into the house where it can end up creating a huge mess, not to mention the potential water damage.

Water/Sewage Overflow:  When you own a home, it is important to keep storm water from entering the sewer: Too much water can overload the work the sewage pipes can handle and lead pipes can rote and break. Make sure you examine down pies, the run-off from landscaping, and pool backwash to ensure all excess water is diverted into the proper direction.

Noises and Gurgling: If a drain is locked, it will end up making the fixture that is effected produce a gurgling sound when you attempt to drain the water. If your sewer is clogged, this noise will occur in the shower or bath and sometimes when you drain your sink as well. 

Foul Odors: When the sewer line breaks there will be an impact on the home, and you find yourself dealing with some seriously bad smells.  There will excess amounts of moisture in the home’s floor, surfaces, and walls as well as the lawn. The corrosion of sewer pipes also results in moisture pockets that can produce foul odors.

If you are not sure if you should get in touch with a professional in order to have the pipes in your sewer system examined, do it anyway. It is your best interest and the integrity of your home that you have your pipes checked for any issues before such issues arise. The professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services will be happy to introduce you to the latest advances in plumbing technology, including methods of trenchless pipe repair: A process that can fix your pipes, get rid of bad smells, and have your system back to normal in no time.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!