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Pool preparation Ottawa

Getting your swimming pool ready for seasonal opening is a process that takes more than a bit of water and your garden hose. You cannot just add some water and expect to jump into clear, crisp, clean water in your pool. Experts in the pool industry know there is a step by step process pool owners must take to ensure the pool water looks fantastic, all while chemical safety and equipment integrity is maintained. In all, there are six steps a pool owner must take to get a swimming pool ready to “dive right in.”

Step #1: Keep some water in the pool at all times.

The first step involved in getting your pool ready for summer opening is to prepare the pool for the season prior when you close it. It is important to keep some water in the pool when you are closing it for the season. While it might seem more practical, and easier to keep clean, if you are to empty the pool entirely, draining the pool of all water can cause you some issues with the pool’s integrity. The cost of repairs can prove phenomenal. There are only three reasons you should drain your pool entirely, and this is especially true if you reside in colder climes:

  1. The pool is loaded to the brim with leaves and other undesirable debris: If you did not cover your pool the year prior, you probably have a monstrous mess on your hands. In this situation, you do not have much of a choice but to drain the pool and give it a serious cleaning.
  2. The pool has developed structural issues: If the pool liner is compromised or the walls are unstable or damaged, you will have to drain the pool and repair the existing damage before it can be prepped for the season.
  3. You are taking down the pool to replace it with a new one: A full pool drain is definitely required in this situation.

Experts in the pool installation sector explain that removing all the water from a pool can force the structure of the pool into compromise – this is especially true if the pool is installed in an area where the water table is high. Without water to hold the pool into position, it might lift out of the ground. Many pool owners remain unaware of this risk, and this can be a costly mistake resulting in complete replacement of the pool.

Step #2. Chemically Opening the Pool

Chemically opening the pool is the initial stage in which you are readying your pool for the new season. Make sure your filtration system is in full, operational order. Then connect it, make sure the baskets are emptied of undesired debris, and take out any of the plugs you installed with you closed the pool the season prior. As you perform the Chemical Open operation, the pool remains covered. 

Step #3. Fill the pool to optimal levels.

In the event the amount of water in the pool has declined during the closed season, top the pool off so it is at optimal levels. The filter of the pool needs to be cleansed before you make it operational as well. Remove the cartridge for cleaning: You can use pressured water from the garden hose to clean it. In the event you are using a DE Filter, it may be necessary for you to disassemble it, clean the parts, and to put it back together. With the use of a sand filter, you have to set the equipment to backwash: This helps to make sure the sand is clean. After cleaning the sand, turn the filter setting to normal.

Step #4. Get a Professional to Conduct a Test of the Water

Each season, have a professional run a test on the pool water. Your health, safety, and comfort are worth it. You can bring a small sample of the pool water right to the pool store. Often times the store will test the water at no cost to you, but the test will prove quiet revealing: It can indicate the minerals in the water, the pH balance, chlorine levels, and total alkalinity. You can then get professional advice on making the precise adjustments you need for clear water development.

Step #6. Wait for the Water to Clear

As you are chemically opening your pool, make sure you clean the filter daily: This process continues for five to seven days until the water is clear. It might be necessary for you to put some chlorine in the pool. Once the floor of the pool is visible and the water is clear, you can take off the cover. Do not remove the cover too soon as it will result in having more to clean up in the way of debris, pollen, and leaves.

If you are unsure how to do your seasonal change in Ottawa, you can always rely on the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. They can be sure to help you with every step of the way.

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