When you hire Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services Ottawa for your plumbing needs, we’ll get the job done right the first time around. Our commitment as a premier Ottawa plumber is to provide great service. Here’s a look at the type of drain and plumbing projects we do in the city. Also, be sure to check out the project photos as well as some accompanying case studies.

Catch Basin Line Replacement Project Have you ever needed a catch basin line replacement for your home? A catch basin also called a curb inlet or a storm drain inlet facilitates storm-water drainage. When it functions properly, it’s easy to take it for granted, but you’ll know there’s an issue if it malfunctions. If you don’t practice proper maintenance, debris Read more
Trenchless Drain Repair Project If there’s one problem you don’t want to experience as a homeowner, it’s is a clogged toilet. Plungers don’t always work, and drain clearing products can corrode your pipes. At Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services, we specialize in drain repairs that will work and won’t damage your pipes. Here’s a look at one trenchless Read more
Before and after Rain shower with lights installation Free stand tub and wall mounted faucet installation Hand sink and hand sink faucet installation

Some of Our Projects – Premier Ottawa Plumber

Catch Basin Line Replacement: A catch basin, or storm drain, can be found either near the curb of your property or in your yard. If there are issues due to inadequate maintenance, we can perform catch basin line replacement, cleaning, pumping, inspection, and more.

Drain Relining: Drain relining is a cleaner alternative to traditional drain repair methods. It may also be a more suitable option compared to traditional repair methods.

Drain Replacement: While drain relining is cleaner and more cost-effective than drain replacement, there are times when drain replacement is preferable. We’ll advise you of the best course of action after assessing the situation.

Plumbing Renovations: When you’re renovating your home, take advantage of the opportunity to get any needed plumbing or drain work done.

Trenchless Drain Repair: Signs that your drain needs to be fixed or replaced include foul odours and slow drains. We can spare your beautiful lawn during the repair by using a high-tech trenchless plumbing replacement solution.

Building Trap Replacement: Old building traps can present a serious problem. Our solution is to replace the old broken building traps with new PVC pipes.

Basement waterproofing: Mildew and mould can arise if there’s excessive moisture in your basement. Our team can inspect your basement and recommend the right fix.

Weeping Tile Installation: You can avoid excessive moisture in your basement with weeping tiles. They are small pipes installed outside your basement walls to relocate water either to a sump basin or away from your home.

Before & After: Is your new home a fixer-upper? Is it simply in dire need of a drain and plumbing update? Let us help you with, for instance, a free stand tub and a wall mounted faucet installation. We can bring your vision to life.

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