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Installing Backwater Valve - Things You Need to Know

What is A Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve is a one-way valve that allows water to only flow in one direction. It’s installed on a property’s lateral sewer, which is a privately owned line that connects your property to the public sewage system. If you have a properly installed and well-maintained backwater valve, you won’t have to worry about sewage back up and flooded basements. Expert plumbers recommend installing backwater valves to every property owner, especially if the property sits below the closest sewer manhole.

Do You Need to Install a Backwater Valve? 

Most municipalities provide subsidies for backwater valve installation so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get one. Sewage backups can happen to anyone, even if your property is located uphill from the main sewer lines. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing backwater valves: 

  • Property Location – Sewage follows the directions of gravity so it will move in a downward direction. You need a backwater valve if your property sits lower than the closest upstream manhole. If you don’t install this valve, you may face frequent basement floods and other such problems.
  • Basement Floods – Sewer backups is one of the most common causes of basement floods, especially during the storm season. This is the first thing a plumber will check when they try to determine the cause of the basement floods.
  • Storm and Sewer Drains – In homes that were built before the 1960s, the storm drains and the sewer lines are connected. If the storm drains are overwhelmed, the water can flow into the sewer lines and cause sewage to back up. This is not a problem with modern homes but expert plumbers will still recommend installing backwater valves.
  • Clogs and Sewer Blockages – Clogs are also a common cause of sewage backup. For example, if a tree root blocks the sewer, the sewage water can flow back into the main plumbing system and cause basement floods, odors, and other such problems. The backwater valve will keep the sewage water away from the main system until the problem is repaired.

You don’t have to spend much money or time on valve installation. A plumber will complete the task within a day and you don’t have to worry about sewage backup ever again.

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Give us a call today: 613-791-5777  for a free upfront estimate!

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