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How Install a Tankless Water Heater by Yourself

If you want to install a tankless water heater in Ottawa, you might be able to do it by yourself. With our steps, a brand-new tankless water heater in Ottawa should be within your capabilities.

Step 1: Ready yourself for the installation of a tankless water heater by clearing out the older heater and cleaning up the area. Then you are ready to begin a brand-new installation.

“Out with the old …” like in any replacement project, the first thing you must do is clear out the old equipment so you have the space to make the new installation. Take out the outmoded water heater and clean up the area; before you can remove the heater, however, you’ll need to locate the water supply line so you can turn off the supply of water running into the heater that is installed. Keep in mind even after you drain all the water from the tank you might have some lingering in the pipe connecting to the heater: Use a small bucket to collect it and to prevent unnecessary spillage. Then unplug the water heater.

If you are dealing with a heater that relies on gas, you’ll need to turn off the gas valves before proceeding. Most importantly, following the heater’s removal, you will need to dispose of the old unit. Make sure you find out the law in your area pertaining to how to dispose of the unit. 

Step 2: Even if you have a gas line supply in place, swap it out for an entirely new gas line to ensure you’ve got a flawless set up and you won’t have to worry about safety issues.

“In with the new …” When you decide where you will install a brand new tankless heater to heat the household water, the installation must follow the install of brand new lines for your gas supply. Yes, you might be able to reuse the lines you already have installed, but you will likely have to install T and valve in the line. You will also need to put in a stainless steel, corrugated supply line to swap out the old with the new. 

Step 3: Remove the existing water lines and put in new ones as well; an entirely new set up is just what you need to feel confident about the entire installation.

 After the gas line install, and working backward, now you can install the new pipe that will supply water to the unit. Flux-coated copper wires, which are soldered to make a long pipe out of separate sections. The water pipes must be put into position and to keep them where you want them, you must use bell-hanger brackets: This keeps the pipes elevated and away from the walls as well.

Step 4: Here it is time to take the tankless water heater and to mount it.                                            

 After you’ve finished installing the lines and pipes bring gas and water to the soon-to-be installed heater, the actual tankless heater install comes next. You will be installing this heater on a wall. If you are into do-it-yourself projects or you have the experience to do so, you can create a special platform where you can mount the tankless water heater.

Step 5: Hook up the heater to the gas and water supply.

Following the install of the tankless water heating unit, you will now have to reconnect the water supply and the gas lines and he water shut off valves. You will need a wrench to make sure you tighten up the connections correctly. If the connections are not tightened enough, both water and gas can leak out: Not a situation you want to deal with! In some cases, if you connect the water supply to the heater you may have to do some additional soldering of the pipes.

Step 6: Attach any additional parts and turn on your tankless water heater.

Some tankless water heaters have additional parts and accessories that will require install: This is done only after the basic installation is completed. Once installed, you can add the vent piping or other special parts that come included with the unit. After the install, you will want to buy insulation pads, in the shape of pre-cut cylindrical tubes with a hole in the center and a slit running down one side so you can wrap it around your hot water pipes. You must turn on the gas supply, water, and plug in the heater to begin using the unit.

If you are unsure how to complete your own tankless water heater in Ottawa installation, you can always rely on the courteous professionals of Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. These specialists are able to help you with your installation process and may even help you choose the right option to suit your needs.

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