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Household Products You Should Not Put Down Your Drain

You are no double aware that some items are not intended for going down a drain and if you’ve ever dealt with a clogged kitchen sink then you know exactly why. While it may seem like common sense that liquids can easily go down any drain, some products are unsafe for your household plumbing system. Here you will find a series of products that should never be put down your pipes.

Products Used for Cleaning

It may really surprise you that household cleaners are something you really should avoid putting down the drain. These products are loaded with chemicals and some contain phosphates: This makes them less than friendly to the environment. In fact, cleaners can mingle in the drain and actually create a corrosive that can destroy the inside of your pipes.

Egg Shells, Coffee Grounds

If you have a garbage disposal, of course putting some waste down the drain makes sense. But there is just some waste that should not go down the drain, including coffee grinds and eggshells. They are not good for the garbage disposal either.

Fat, Grease, and Cooking Oil

These items will create a clogged sink in a hurry and they are difficult clogs to clear. Consider composting some of the waste, but be careful where you do so as you may draw the attention of wild animals.


These products should never go down the drain! Doing so is entirely unsafe since these medications can work their way to rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, ground water, and other water sources. Do not put any kind of medications down the drain or toilet.


This material contains chemicals that are bad for the environment. Rather than putting the paints down the drain, bring them to a recycling center near your community.

Cotton Balls, Wipes, and Paper Towels

These items take longer to dissolve than a product like toilet paper and because of this, when flushed down a toilet, can cause a clog. As they sit inside the pipe, they increase the likelihood of a system backup and overflow.

 By watching what you put down the drain, you are protecting your plumbing system from clogs and you are behaving in a green fashion by protecting the environment. If you have managed to clog your sewer with things that you should not have, call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing to help you alleviate the problem.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!