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Four Secrets of Pool Services

Whether you get a swimming pool from a big corporation or a Mom and Pop seller for your Ottawa home, there are some tips listed here to help you in getting pool services:

There Are Ways To Avoid Getting Skipped Over When In Need Of Pool Services.

If a pool technician is dealing with a lot of pools, there is a good chance you will get skipped over in terms of pool services. Sometimes a technician, in order to make time or to get finished early will not service a pool or two. Sometimes a company just does not have the employees to do the work. Never make the assumption your pool has not been serviced. Instead, request a drop ticket to be left that lets you know when the pool was cared for, what chemicals were needed, and information on the pool’s condition when it was treated.

Just Because The Company Is Bigger, It In No Way Means This Is Better.

Big companies typically have the higher than average employee turnover rate, which means they may be short the manpower when it comes time to service pools. The bigger companies tend to hire the inexperienced and the supply them with as little training as possible to save money. Good pool services come from people that are plumbers, engineers, chemists and the like and you will want someone who is highly professional dealing with your pool over the long term.

It Is Important That You Remain All Inclusive.

You should not have to pay a high flat rate and additional charges for chemicals when you pool is serviced, unless the chemicals are special and not part of the usual maintenance plan. Make sure you are paying an approved rate and you are not being overcharged for your pool services. The only time your bill should be higher is if there is in increase in gas prices or seasonal changes result in special pool treatments. If you are paying extra for chlorine or acid, something is wrong. Make sure you carefully check out the cost of pool services before agreeing to them.

If You Are Suddenly Being Charged Big Money For Parts, Be Suspicious.

One of the largest income sources for service providers is in pool parts and repairs. You get charged for parts and labor, and you do not want to be paying for parts you do not really need. A few small parts might be necessary, but if you suddenly find you are enduring a repair equal to a cool $500 bucks, then it is time to start asking some serious questions. Make sure you view any equipment and check out its quality before having it installed as well.

If you want quality maintenance for your Ottawa pool, make sure that you call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. Here, you know that you are getting the best possible rates each time.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!