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Eavestroughs Cleaning - What You Need to Know

If you own your own home, then the time will come when you need to clean out the eaves of the house: It is just part of yearly home maintenance. If you don’t clean those gutters you are in for a whole host of problems: rusty gutters, damage to the roof, terrible smelling dead plant matter accruing in the gutters, and the coloring of the matter staining your home’s exterior and thereby destroying its curbside appeal. You can avoid all this just by biting the bullet, rolling up those sleeves, climbing a ladder, and getting that job done fast. Besides? Who’s afraid of falling off a ladder? Who gets massive vertigo just by the thought of leaving the ground… Afraid of heights? There’s no need to worry when you contact one of our eavestroughs Ottawa maintenance professionals who are more than happy to complete the task of gutter maintenance for you.

It’s important to get ahold of eavestroughs Ottawa cleaning pros as soon as possible and early on in the spring before too much rain fall will only complicate the cleaning process. You need your gutters to be in full working order so they can divert excess rain water or melted snow away from the home. By directing water away from your house it reduces the likelihood of basement and foundation damage or potential flooding. However, dead leafs are all it takes to accrue inside of the gutter to clog it and force it not to work.

Tips for Cleaning Your House Gutters

Begin the process where the drain gutter drops down off one side of the home and move on to the place where the water drains. Look for obstructions, cracks, breaks, and rust spots as you move along and clean the gutters bit by bit. After clearing all the gutters, using a garden hose, you can flush out the pipes to ensure they allow excess water to flow freely through the gutters you have installed. When clear, move to the next section of gutter and do the same.

If you are using a ladder to clean out the gutters always have someone with you who is spotting the ladder. Just because cleaning the gutters is easy, it does not mean you should take risks. Do not overstretch or overreach to clean the gutters … just do small sections at a time until you have cleared all the troughs around the home. It is easier to take the extra steps going up and down the ladder you are using rather than falling from a height and breaking a few bones in the process! Use common sense as you move along and clear out the gutters around the home.

Scoop out the gunk, scrape up what is difficult to remove, and then spray the pathway clean. Keep a close out for small sticks or other debris that might slip into the enclosed portions of gutter and get stuck inside: It’s a clog just waiting to happen! An investment in toppers for the gutters or the use of screens specifically designed for eaves troughs can minimize the amount of work you have to do to the next cleaning session.

If you cannot, for whatever reason, clean the gutters on your own, you contact the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services to do the job for you. A few extra dollars hiring a pro is money more than well spent.

Give us a call today: 613-791-5777  for a free upfront estimate!

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