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DIY Drain Cleaning Ways

Are you seeking innovative methods for drain cleaning Ottawa? Here you will find some advice on clearing plugged tubs, kitchen sinks, and clearing a troublesome clogged drain. You will also discover some tips related to regular maintenance, which should be conducted monthly, in order to prevent future problems. You can also make use of a recipe we share for easy drain clog clearing.

The Vinegar Way

Tested and proven: First, you have to remove any liquid in the sink and get as much out as possible. Add a single cup of baking soda into the sink. Follow the baking soda with an equal amount of white vinegar. For this to work, you need to plug up the sink for a half hour and just let the mixture sit. Let a half hour pass before you unplug the sink and pour in a full kettle of hot water. You can use this method successfully, even if you are dealing with a mild water backup. Bear in mind the unclogging process goes more smoothly and quicker if there is no water in the sink or drain when you start the process. You can repeat this process two or three times to free the sink drain from debris and junk.

“Flush” it

If your drain seems to slow down when clearing and the drainage is just more sluggish than you are comfortable with, flush it in order to free up what might be starting to block it. Flushing the drain with a couple of kettle’s full of hot water might free up a partial blockage.

Trap Clearing

We rarely think about it when we use the sink, but it is there nonetheless and if you have a clog you likely have to clean it – the nasty sink trap. You will have to take out the clean out plug or trap which is located beneath the sink so you can attempt to clear out the trap. When you do, do it safely and wear protective eyewear and gloves. You can use a coat hanger or a plumber’s snake to attempt to break up the clog.

A Little Soda Will Do

Make sure you get as much water out of the sink as possible and then follow this by adding one cup of baking soda. Seal the sink drain. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Pour down a couple of kettles of super hot boiling water to rinse and to ensure the pipe is free of debris. Oh, and when dealing with a double basin sink, put a stopper in at least one drain and treat one sink drain at a time to manage the clog.

Getting Help

If these drain cleaning Ottawa tips do not help resolve your issues, chances are that you need the courteous professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. They will be able to help you resolve any potential issues that you have left.

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