Advantages Of Our Waterproofing Services

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Advantages Of Our Waterproofing Services

If you are the owner of a home who is looking to up the value of the home and property, no doubt you will improve the curbside appeal of the home with a fresh paint job or lawn manicure. You might even do a bit of interior freshening up with a paint job inside or a remodel in the kitchen. Surprisingly, the idea of inside waterproofing the basement rarely arises, when it is something that could go a long way in the future sale of a home.

If you are looking to get your house to sell faster, then the time to think about inside waterproofing is right now. There are many perks one gets from waterproofing a basement area, and you can have the inside waterproofing done easily enough by a professional company specializing in the practice.  Some of the advantages of inside waterproofing include the following factors.

 Avantage#1. Protecting your investment

Face it, you have put thousands of dollars into owning the home and making it a beautiful, sacred, safe place to live. It is only logical to make every effort possible to protect your monetary investment. This also means protecting your home and belongings from water damage. If water gets into the basement, it can damage the foundation of your home, cause issues with mildew and mold, and destroy anything you have got in storage in the basement area. It also robs you of all the storage space you could have in the basement.

  Avantage#2. Protect your belongings

Whether you plan to convert your basement into a playroom for the kids or a bar and playroom for adults or you simply plan to make it a place to store all your extra stuff, it makes no difference. You need to keep the area waterproofed so you can protect your furnishings and belongings. You run the risk of losing thousands of dollars in all the things you invested in if it all is exposed to water accidentally.

Imagine storing all your precious mementos, photos, souvenirs, extra clothes, books, bedding, toys, electronics, bikes, and other items, only to have them get all wet from a leaky basement issue. It is far better to ensure everything will always remain dry and perfectly safe.

  Avantage#3. Minimizing utility costs

Waterproofing the basement makes sense in many ways. If you get the area waterproofed, you can certainly save yourself a considerable amount of energy. Consider the fact that all the openings and cracks in the foundation are closed off when the area is waterproofed: it means heat remains indoors instead of leaking out all of the cracks. The waterproofing blocks moisture and cold as well, so less heating is needed.

  Avantage#4. Prevents chronic health issues

When an area is both humid and exposed to water, it is the perfect place for the growth of toxic molds. Such molds can make your skin and eyes itch, give you headaches, and make you sneeze, cause watery eyes, and a number of other sensitivities. Toxic molds can be a nearly invisible problem and you can get sick a lot sooner than you might imagine. Black mold can grow in as little as 48 hours. Interior waterproofing can help protect you and your entire family.

  Avantage#5. Gives you total peace of mind

No need to worry every time it rains if the sump pump is working or if you will have enough towels and mops on hand to clean up the mess. No more sleepless nights worrying about the safety of your belongings. Waterproofing the interior of your home and the inside and outside of your basement makes perfect sense.

 A professional job each time

To put it simply, inside waterproofing and outside waterproofing of the basement is something every responsible homeowner does. Give some serious thought to protecting your investment and if you are selling the home, just think how much inside waterproofing and outside waterproofing can up the value and appeal of the house. You can benefit either way, whether you sell or stay. If you want to ensure that the job is done right, waterproofing by Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing in Ottawa is always a great option.

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