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Sewer Line Repair Traditional Ways Vs Innovative

Until rather recently, you only had a limited number of options when it came to sewer line repair. A repair crew would come to your home, start digging, locate the leak, and replace where necessary. However, as you might have guessed from the description, this is not the most effective method that we have available today.

Nowadays you have a trenchless sewer repair option that is going to replace traditional sewer line repair for most people. We are going to compare the two and tell you why it is good that you have the innovative method known as trenchless available to you today.

The Traditional Way

There is a great deal of digging and excavation with the traditional method. What else could people do to find the problem? The unfortunate truth is that this might have been the only option, but it was far from perfect. The traditional method could destroy your driveways, landscaping, and much more. This meant that especially for homeowners, this option was always a disaster.

The Trenchless Option

With the introduction of trenchless sewer line repair, you were getting all the traditional benefits, without the need to destroy your landscaping or anything else for that matter. This method is going to be far safer, but also much faster when we compare it to the traditional way. You do not have to worry about wheelbarrows of sand being moved around.

The Effectiveness Of Trenchless

The effectiveness stems from the fact that professionals first identify access points. This can be toilet openings, vent stacks, or exterior clean-out fittings. This will give them a chance to see where the damage is. By replacing the damaged pipe area through using a epoxy coated liner sleeve, it is possible to replace the damaged pipe with brand-new pipe within a pipe.

The Final Tally

When we look at it, there is really no doubt that traditional sewer line repair has a number of drawbacks when we compare it to the newer methods. Let us summarize them again real quick:

  • Trenchless is less expensive when we compare it to conventional repair;’
  • Complete your repairs in hours rather than having to wait days;
  • There is minimal disruption to your property with trenchless;
  • There is no destruction to your landscape, floor, or walls.

If you want to know what you might benefit from when it comes to sewer line repair, we highly recommend that you call the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services. They understanding drain relining and can help you figure out your best move.

Give us a call today: 613-791-5777  for a free upfront estimate!

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