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Chances are that you have dealt with hard water before if you live in North America, especially near Ottawa and Toronto. The truth is that hard water (water that has an above-average concentration of minerals such as magnesium and calcium) can be rather frustrating to homeowners We will look at a few of the facts about hard water so you understand the concept a bit better.

Hard Water Can Lead To Problems

The Good Things About Hard Water

Contrary to what some people might suggest, not all the different aspects of hard water are bad. Some people prefer the taste of hard water to the taste of soft water. Given that both magnesium and calcium are dietary requirements, drinking plenty of water might mean that you are almost taking a liquid vitamin supplement every day. There is also low sodium in hard water, making it generally healthier to consume in larger amounts – especially if your doctor has told you that you need to watch your salt intake.

Bad Things About Hard Water

When it dries, water that is heavy in minerals is going to leave behind scale. This might lead to a number of different problems. The white film that you see on your dishes after a while is not dangerous, but it is certainly not appealing. Your clothes might look dingy or feel stiff with hard water. You might not feel fully clean and notice that your skin itches if you shower in hard water.

The Ugly Truth About Hard Water

And this is where it becomes truly bad, because hard water can do a great deal of damage to your pipes. The aforementioned film is going to accumulate inside of your pipes, which can cause all sorts of issues. If it happens in a hot water heater for example, it means that the heating element is going to need to work harder (thus using up far more energy). In dishwashers, washing machines and other appliances it can lead to serious clogs.

If you do not have a water softener to protect these appliances, chances are that these appliances are going to require regular service. Fortunately, the qualified professionals from Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services Ottawa have a number of different tools available to ensure that hard water is no problem for you. Make sure that you call them today and schedule your appointment to get your hard water problems fixed.

Give us a call today: 613 791 5777 for a free upfront estimate!