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Drain Snaking
Opening the drain for most clogs in your kitchen is not going to be a problem. However, if you notice that the drain is draining slower and slower and is becoming progressively worse, chances are that the job is going to be more difficult – and far messier.

Despite the fact that you have hundreds of different options as far as drain-cleaning chemicals are concerned, these are not always the preferred option. In fact, sometimes these chemicals are going to severely damage your plumbing – which is going to make the issue far worse.

What Is The Plumbing Snake?

A plumbing snake is a flexible, long piece of cable that you can push into the drain. Once it is inside of the drain, you can rotate it around in order to remove the clog. There are two different types of snakes, the naked one (with a grab handle) and one that can cut through clogs with a spiral-shaped cone of wire.

Prevention Is Always Better

Even though a drain snake is going to work on clogs, you should avoid the need for drain scoping Ottawa and drain repairs with a bit of prevention. Most of the clogs that we see every day are oil and grease-based.

Here is the problem as we see it, you have your dishes in the sink, and the grease residue is moving down into the drain (heading along with your soapy water). Even though the oils and the grease may appear to be gone, they are not just vanishing like magic.

The combination of hot water and detergent ensures that these are kept liquid. However, the moment that the combination stops working, they become solid and begin to settle. This means that the grease is going to start lining your pipes. Once you have this happen, it becomes a trap for bits of food, hair, and anything else that you may (accidently) drop down the drain. Minerals of the water can also lead to a bit of buildup.

Even if you already have a garbage disposal, these clogs are likely to occur. Especially because a garbage disposal leads you to believe that you might not have these issues in the first place. If you want a professional to complete your drain snaking, we highly recommend that you call the licensed professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing for your drain snaking and other plumbing needs.

Give us a call today: 613-791-5777  for a free upfront estimate!

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