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Drain relining consists of correcting a broken line by setting a new lining (pipe) into the existing one. This method is excellent for solving problems like;

  • Leaking or open joints. 
  • Radial cracks resulting from blockages.
  • Root intrusion.

The technique is standard in addressing situations where there’s minor damage; in a small part of the pipe. In such a case, there’s no call for complete relining.

Drain Relining Pros

Drain relining has several advantages, including;

  • No destruction since the pipe lining contractors does not have to dig or even excavate.
  • There is no downtime for businesses since there isn’t interference with the business’ operations.
  • It is cost-effective since there’s no digging required.
  • It restores the structure of the pipe.
  • It is more accurate as sewer line repair involves technology like camera inspection to determine areas with defects.
  • There’s a limited amount of time spent during repairs. It takes a few days or less to complete the project.

The Disadvantages of Drain Relining

Although drain relining doesn’t have critical disadvantages, it is not a viable option in some situations like;

  • Fixing pipe parts that contractors install poorly by not paying attention to quality work or general technical problems.
  • Repairing offset joints which occur when the joints in a pipe are not spaced correctly and the end of two pipes part causing a leak at that point.

Is Drain Relining Eco Friendly?

Since the ling and resin used in the pipe lining equipment are approved, drain relining is environmentally safe. Because of the disruption to property, gardens, and trees, excavation is the polar opposite of environmentally friendly. During drilling, broken pipes are often further destroyed, leaking lethal chemicals into the dirt.

Drain relining is suitable for sensitive areas such as rivers and lakes.

When Do You Need Drain Relining Services?

When you see the following signs, contact the sewer lining contractors. The signs include;

  • Unpleasant odors are filling the air.
  • Presence of gurgling sounds even when there isn’t any running water.
  • Wet floors.
  • Rodents. Like rats in your yard.
  • Raised water bill not corresponding to the water usage.
  • Cracked sewer pipe repair

Let Us Handle the Drain Relining

If you notice the signs that call for drain relining, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a team of experts using advanced technology that is a match for such problems. Moreover, we can work with the set timelines and budget.

Our services are affordable and therefore competitive in the market. We offer our services 24 hours, seven days a week. Therefore, our team will be there at your door at whichever time duty calls.

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