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Blocked drains can be a source of immense frustration for residential or commercial customers and can cause a lot of damages if you do not act on it. Ottawa drain repair might be needed. Blockages, whether in your sink or in shower drainage do not just show up all of a sudden, usually there are some warning signs that need to be observed closely. That way, you can avoid long-term problems with needing Ottawa drain repair. Especially at some of the available Ottawa plumber rates.

Some of the warning signs of potentially blocked drains that you need to observe are:

  • Gurgling sound from trapped air being released
  • Bad smell coming from the drain
  • Rapidly or slowly changing water level in your toilet, sink or shower

There are a number of different factors that can cause a drain to become blocked, these include:

  • Food or waste particles – food and waste particles are the main reason for the blockages in your kitchen and bathroom sink drainpipe
  • Hair and other Organic materials – hair and other organic materials are the main sources of drain blockage in your shower and toilet area
  • Small toys or Jewelry – small toys and/or jewelry items can cause your shower or bathroom sink to become blocked
  • Debris and plant leaves – these are the main source of blockage in your driveway or lawn drainage
  • Broken or poorly installed drain pipes, tree roots, and shifting foundation are some of the other factors that can cause your main drain pipe to become blocked.

Whatever the reason behind a blocked drain, it is always a tempting situation to try to attempt doing it on your own. However, dealing with blocked drains on your own may not be the best approach in the long-term. Although you may be able to fix some of the minor blockages in your home using different techniques, recurring blockages may be the sign that there is something more serious that needs to be identified and fixed.

The use of drain opening chemicals may actually prove to cause more harm than good to the problem at hand. Although you may be able to open up a blocked drain using these harsh chemicals instantly, the kind of damage caused to your drainpipe by the caustic soda and other hard chemicals present in these drain openers can prove to be devastating in the long run.  In addition to causing damage to your drainpipe, the caustic soda and other harsh chemicals present in a drain opener can also damage your wastewater treatment system, the environment, and the natural water supplies. A DIY attempt to fix a blocked drain may create more serious problems for you in the long run.

Instead of trying to fix a blocked drain yourself by using harsh chemicals on recurring blockages; it is always a better and safer option to call a professional plumber to take care of your drain and plumbing in Ottawa. By using the latest tools and equipment such as CCTV cameras, drain snakes, air blowers, and other high-tech devices, the professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services are able to quickly identify potential issues with your drains and fix them efficiently.

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