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A Basement Flood

If you are looking to protect your basement from the damage that comes from a lower level flood, then a sump pump is definitely necessary. Even with this piece of equipment in place however, you still need to think even further ahead and have a backup system in the waiting. Why? Sump pumps work well provided there is electricity. The power goes out and the pump stops working. Sometimes sump pumps are just old and worn out so they no longer do their job, and yes, as unfortunate as it is, it is possible to invest in a defective product.

You have two options to choose from if you really want to ensure the integrity of your basement and home: a battery backup or a water-powered backup. Let us look at how these systems work:

System Option #1: Battery Backup

  • This system is obviously powered by some kind of battery. When you lose electricity, whether it is due to a tripped circuit or power outage, the backup system will keep the sump pump operational for a limited amount of time. The system can usually power the pump from eight to 12 hours. This will allow for ample time to pump any other water out of the sump pit.
  • Please note: If your home is dependent on water that comes from a well, your best option is one that is battery powered.

System Option #2: Water-Powered Backup

  • When you rely on a backup system powered by water, you can definitely protect your home from accidental flooding. Your water lines will power the unit by supplying it with the water it needs to do so. When you have running water, the pump will remain operational, even if the power goes out. In fact, this system needs no electricity whatsoever to work.

A backup system in your home is the right choice and for a minimal investment, it will give you some serious peace of mind. If you want to inquire about the potential installation of either system mentioned above, contact the qualified, licensed, and bonded professionals at Dr. Pipe Drain and Plumbing Services and you can be sure that they are will to make appointment for you. Do not allow the threat of flooding to ruin your day when you are out and about or just wanting to enjoy a quiet night, make sure that you are adequately prepared.

Give us a call today: 613-791-5777 for a free upfront estimate!

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